Sunday 16 May 2021

Determining Whether Success is Inevitable After Building Our Website

After we have completed major web design and development tasks, it is easy to just call the whole project as complete. After all, all the work flow, functionality, colors and images have worked quite well. At this stage, the project may seem alive and it usually looks great, while working like we intended. However, we should be honest with ourselves and consider whether the project has worked smoothly, just like the way we want it to be. In this case, we should review the original project requirements. Check all requirements to make sure that they are fully fulfilled. As an example, users may complain that there are a number of security issues in our website.

All features should work like the way we originally imagined. It means that all functionality should work well with critical business and marketing processes in our organization. If all requirements have been fulfilled, then we are able to keep everything in scope. All functionality already works exactly what we needed. However, it is quite often that we answer no to this question and there are some requirements that are not fully fulfilled. This is something that we need to address immediately. If despite our best efforts, these requirements can’t be fulfilled; then our web project is not yet fully successful.

However, we should know that all the original requirements don’t stay relevant. Some specific and objectives will change after the website is launched or even in the midst of the project. One of the most common problems faced by web developers is “Scope Creep” This could happen when someone starts to ask to add something that’s above and beyond the original goal. This is not an ideal situation. The carefully planned schedule can eventually become disorganized. If there’s a request that can actually harm the project, it is important for someone to stand up and say no.

Often we need to ask people to better gauge the performance of our web development and design progress. When we ask these people some questions, we should make sure that they understand about the industry. We should be able to get advices on things that may have been done properly and other details that need to be improved. It is also the reason why we should have the proper beta testing group to make sure that our design has worked perfectly. This is an essential thing to do if we want to fully improve our design. We should be careful not to cause problems in terms of fonts, spacing, color and other things that can compromise the overall experience of using our website.

Analytics are helpful after we have built our website. It means that we should be able to make people to interact well with our website. It should be crucial to determine whether we get improved processes. The whole purpose should be to drive additional sales and obtain the proper historical data. Google Analytics is easy to use and very cheap. We should be able to obtain instant feedback on how many users are visiting our website.


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