Different Assessment Platforms You Can Choose For Hiring

If you are wondering whether you can actually hire the candidate depending on the personal interview, then you are completely mistaken. Understand the fact that CV does play an important role to understand the skills and abilities of the person that he has. But it is just a Performa of what he has done, learnt and can expect to do in future through his experience. What matters the most is how well you are really aware about it? Though personal interview can give the clear idea about the working pattern of the candidate and for this, personal interview is not enough. Let us understand what can be done to improvise your way of assessment.

Aptitude Test: This helps you give a clear idea about the knowledge the person has in terms of the working environment, flexibility and how well can he do in terms of getting out from his comfort zone and providing solutions to the company. For this, you can simply conduct an aptitude test such as psychometric test or personality online assessment. It gives quick and clear analysis of the person’s behavioural pattern and whether he is fit for the job or not.

Are there any drawbacks associated with it?

If you are wondering whether it is a waste of time or you will get some fruitful result out of it? Then let me make this clear that it is merely a platform to assess and compare different potential candidates who would apply for the job rile in your company. There are no drawbacks associated with it but yes, you are certainly going to enjoy the benefits that you get which includes quick results with accurate analysis of the candidate that in today’s time and working culture has become a need.

Technical round of assessment:

Under this section, it is important to assess whether the details which the candidate has mentioned in the CV are accurate or not. For this, you can create a sample or a situation in which the person is expected to come up with a solution. This can be done by simply creating a technical questions that are likely to come up in your working culture as a common issue and know if the person is capable enough to deal with it in the given time line or not. This will save your ample of time and valuable money that you might have wasted in hiring wrong candidate.

Are there any drawbacks associated with it?

The best part about technical round is you get to know how well the person can be in solving the issues that are most likely to come up once he becomes the part of your company. There are no drawbacks associated with it but yes, if you want to make the right use of such test make sure you add those technical questions as well that can have the issues associated with future technologies to understand if the person is capable enough to learn new techniques or not.

So value the new technology and opt for online recruitment and then go ahead with personal interview for final round of assessment.

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