Tuesday 11 May 2021

Different Types Of Luggage and When To Use Them

Different Types Of Luggage and When To Use Them

Someone who frequents the airport a lot knows it can be difficult to haul around luggage all day. If you’re going to, let’s say, JFK, and you’re taking the subway to Williamsburg, it’s probably best not to carry a large luggage set. Comfort is everything and lack of it can ruin your day, so make sure you take the right bag from your luggage set and you don’t get stuck with unnecessary baggage.

So, how do you choose a great bag or the best luggage sets that are versatile and can fit everything you need to pack? The best thing to do is start researching, that way you can find the best luggage just for you. Here are some things to consider:

How long is your stay?
How much time will you spend traveling?
How much can you carry?
Do you need to take a whole luggage set?

The Briefcase

Different Types Of Luggage and When To Use Them
Versatile, compact, and portable, suitcases are the easiest bags to carry around. However, a briefcase isn’t meant to carry much other than paperwork like, let’s say, for your upcoming business meeting. If you’re traveling for business, a great briefcase can evoke style and power so make sure you find one that fits your personal style. Also make sure you have a great lightweight briefcase that won’t strain your wrists, especially if you intend to carry it around for long periods of time.

The Perfect Luggage Set

Different Types Of Luggage and When To Use Them
Instead of nitpicking every little detail to buy just one type of suitcase, why not buy a luggage set. If you’re someone that travels a lot and always on the go, consider something classic and utilitarian. Samsonite luggage sets have been a travel industry standard for generations, and investing in a quality set ensures that you have every type of bag you might need no matter where you are. You can have a whole set, from a tiny tote bag, all the way to a huge rolling suitcase for a weekend in Vegas, or you can use the set when you go abroad for an extended amount of time.

The Backpack

Different Types Of Luggage and When To Use Them

The backpack has the best storage space, is comfortable to carry, and is often the most compact for when you’re on the go. The backpack is the best bet if your traveling will consist of a lot of walking and moving around after getting off the plane. Depending on your needs, you can get an array of backpack sizes to fit your traveling needs.

The Rolling Backpack

Different Types Of Luggage and When To Use Them

This is another great asset to have when you travel abroad. Rolling backpacks are great for versatility and mobility. So when your shoulders begin to strain, you can bring it down and just roll it until you decide to carry it again. This type of bag is good to have if you have a very heavy load of things to carry.

The Rolling Duffel Bag

Different Types Of Luggage and When To Use Them
A great addition to any travel arsenal, the rolling duffel bag is best for when you’re traveling with a bunch of weight and you don’t want it to strain your arms. Traveling with a lot of bags is a hassle, so if you can fit it all into one, then, why not? The rolling duffel bag is great because you don’t want to lug a big piece of luggage and get to the hotel with your arms sore, just roll it out of the airport with ease and style. It’s like having all the best luggage sets in one bag!

Invest In The Best Options

No matter where you’re headed, it always pays to have the best gear designed for your specific travel needs. Whether you’re traveling for business or going on an extended trip with the whole family, having the best luggage, bags, and accessories can make all the difference once you get to your destination. Safe travels!

Brian Clay is a freelance writer. As a former business executive and travel industry consultant, Brian has worked with major airlines, car rental companies, and hotels. With his wealth of experience, he enjoys edifying travelers by giving them the insider know-how.


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