Discover Brilliant In-Depth Car Detailing

Automobile detailing dates back to when cars were first invented and released to the public. Suddenly, there was a new business rolling around, literally, at an exponentially increasing rate. During the 1920’s through the 1950’s, the car detailing industry saw such a huge boom in business it became almost iconic as a profession unto itself.  There is a fantastic company in the area and you can find it as simply the-car-wash, but they offer services which go well beyond the typical car wash services you might be accustomed to. They will detail right down to the engine and even offer you full restoration if you wish.

How Detailed is Detailed?

The determination is up to you, but car detailing helps prolong the life of the body of the car and maintains an image which always provides a positive impression to any passengers. The way the process of car detailing goes begins with Exterior detailing and then goes on to Interior detailing. There are a number of different products used in the process, but essentially every aspect of the internal and external car structure is cleaned. Hence, the term, “detailing” is used to describe the process. The goal is to get your car not only clean but pristine via a practical method.

Truly, it is even more than this. Good detailers can take it to the level of doing body work and restoration on virtually any vehicle as long as it is in favorable running condition. You could have a raggedy car transformed into a nicer car once again. It is actually surprising to see. You can understand what a good cleaning and detailing automobile service has to offer and the way they do business. To be so effective, they have to work with professional skills and offer a breadth of services.

Exterior Detailing

With exterior detailing, you are looking at a need for a complete hand wash with high quality detergents, special towels with microfibers, hand drying and definitely detailed care of rims and tires. With a complete wash and wax, you get a bit of a better job than the hand wash option considering the waxing. Step it up to a full orbital wax job, covering all bases and finishing off with a serious orbital wax. Another upgrade from that can include all of the services mentioned above AND Sealtek Sealant for your car paint. This certainly seals the deal for a fine exterior detailing job.

Interior Detailing

For the interior detail work, expect a few different options. Choose a basic shampoo package which would include seats, floors, and floor mats. Or, you can aim for a more completely elegant vehicle makeover and go for the full interior detail which covers literally everything inside of the car from floors to console to vents and deeper details. There are also options for fabric protection, conditioning of leather surfaces, odor control, minor internal restorations, and even just quick-stop basic interior detailing. This is the breadth of services provided by a company which goes above and beyond just simple car washing.

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