Discover The Depth Of Your Customer Iceberg With Modern Media Solutions

The challenge for todays’ marketers is not only to identify their target groups, but also to locate them on the numerous digital platforms they frequent. There also, marketers have to determine the device from where the customer has logged in, track their respective journey paths, and discover final objectives. With so many variables defining a buyer’s journey, behaviour analysis and prediction has become a complex process. Automated systems must intervene, and therein lies the need of advanced media solutions.

Capturing Customers Who Don’t Connect

Customers who don’t connect directly don’t feature in the search inventory. Still there are purchases from such customers, henceforth named as Perpetually Connected Customers (PCCs). The above example suggests an entire buyer journey of four unique visits and a purchase without any trackable browsing path. It was found that over 40% of all online purchases are conducted by PCCs.

While data management can only harvest what is tracked, advanced data management platforms have overcome the barrier of primitive RDBMS tracking methods and UTM code analytics. DMPs utilize signatures of multiple devices used by customers (online or offline) to track their respective journey trajectories.

Cloud connection features are integrated into most digital devices available in the market today. This is a distinct connection for even the perpetually connected, which marketers can utilize to identify and track lost customers. Tracking mutually connected devices reduces the share of PCCs in online purchases, strengthening buyer behaviour predictions.

A strong analytic backup equips new-age advertising solutions to innovate fresh campaign strategies.

Revenue Generating Campaigns with Innovative Advertising Solutions

Customers interact on a wide range of devices and platforms with their business contacts. To create an impactful advertisement campaign management solution that threads its relevance across all platforms, it’s imperative to know how the engagement game is played in each media. Good advertisements ‘influence’ purchase decisions. The really great ones ‘create’ them. In the technological era, creativity is fused with machine-bred accuracy to extract maximum returns.

Executing a Data-driven Ad Campaign in 5 steps

 Step 1:

Advertisement solutions utilize data management platforms to develop a solid groundwork study before executing campaign strategies.

Step 2:

The DMP analysis is fed into the campaign management system to formulate an optimized multi-channel campaign plan.

Step 3:

Ads are designed, following the latest market trends and compatibility with the plan.

Step 4:

The plan is executed and tracked every step of the way as the campaign progresses. Intuitive updates are adapted into the programmatic inventory.

Step 5:

End results are analyzed in order to judge the overall impact of the advertisement campaign. Results are shared with concerned departments.

Customer Engagement is a Matter of Smart Judgement

To capture maximum audience attention, advertisers and marketers need to realize the dynamic nature of today’s customer market. Options are far too many to point out individually. Thereby, no set rules for a fixed channel can define the entire picture of buying activities. All entry channels must be studied and all devices need to be tracked to grab the actual pulse of customers.

Influencing is a mind game. But unlike in real life, users are more likely to open up with their virtual identities. Another great advantage of going digital is the quantification of buyer behaviours. Strengthening the inventory of interaction records assures decision-makers to take informed measures and implement marketing strategies accordingly.

Automated media solutions like DMPs, data analytics tools, advertisement solutions packages, Content, and campaign management systems, etc., enable businesses to study millions of customer communications and convert them into actionable insights effectively. These are today’s smart tools to invoke smart judgement in business machineries.

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