Wednesday 02 June 2021

Diseases To Avoid By Drinking Pure Water

We all know that human bodies contain more than 60 percent of water and without drinking sufficient amount of water there can be problems in regular body functions like circulation, digestion, and removal of toxic materials from the body.

Also drinking pure water is a healthy way of living and it enhances both health and beauty because all the human cells need water to perform their daily activities. But drinking polluted water can never do good to you. These days water is contaminated with a lot of impurities and it can cause multiple types of water borne diseases.

As per WHO research, there are more than 3 million people who have lost their lives due to consumption of contaminated water. WHO has also come to the conclusion that it is almost 80 percent of death that occurs due to water borne diseases. These diseases affect the most who have a weaker immune system like fragile old people and children. So, one needs to drink pure and filtered water always. The immune system of the body protect you from the various types of diseases hence having a robust immune system is essential to protect you from this. Drinking of pure and healthy water not only protect you from the various types of waterborne disease but also nourishes or improves your immune system. So, one can give a call to the RO customer care and get details of the RO water purifier models available there.

These are the basic benefits that one can get by drinking pure water.

  • The human body cells require water so that they can function properly. So, one needs to ensure that their body cells remain hydrated. When one suffers from dehydration, the cell functioning gets disturbed and a lot of health hazards happen.
  • Human skin cells are mainly made up of water and 64 percent of it has water and when the skin remains in a hydrated condition, it does proper functioning.  But when there is dehydration, then the skin becomes dry and as a result, fine lines and wrinkles appear at a younger age.
  • The heart is a very vital organ and it keeps pumping blood on a continuous basis. Now, blood is made up of water and so if there is dehydration then the blood becomes thicker and dense. So, dehydration can actually make the blood more viscous and one can face a lot of heart problems due to this. Due to dehydration, the blood volume decreases which might be harmful to your health because it increases the heart rate and chance of stroke.
  • If one drinks water which is devoid of contamination, then it is definitely very beneficial for the immunity system of the human body. Also, it is vital for children in their developing system.

One also needs to know that drinking pure water can flush out all the toxins from the human body, so having a water purifier and using them daily is actually a healthy way of choosing life.



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