Diving Into The Food Culture Of The City That Never Sleeps

The food culture of Mumbai is perfect representation of its multi-cultural character. From swanky restaurants to crowded street food alleys, the city has everything for every foodie. From the century old Irani restaurants serving the most yummy chai and bun-maska to the traditional Udupi restaurants known for offering sumptuous South Indian thalis, and the street vendors selling vada-pav at every nook and corner or the pav-bhaji stalls at the Chowpatty; eating out is a culture in itself and a major part of Mumbai tourism.

Starting with the best Mughlai varieties, which you can have them at a fantastic restaurant called Bademiya. Situated by the corner of the road between the famous Leopold Cafe in Colaba and the Taj Mahal Hotel, this snuggly food joint is famous for its yummy kababs, tikkas rolls, keema pavs, baida roti and regular non-veg dishes. Come midnight and the frequency of servings increases with the crowd.

If you aren’t used to much of variety and are looking for tummy-fillers, then head straight to the Mahesh Lunch Home. With several branches all across the city, the restaurant-cum-canteen serves an amazing quality of food, which is equally easing to the pocket as well. Famous for its Mangalorean style of preparation, the seafood like pomfret, ladyfish, crabs and lobsters are something to look for. Bombay Duck, which actually isn’t a bird, but a deep fried bombil fish is a must try.

Another amazing delight is Haji Ali Juice Center in Mahalakshmi. This outlet is surely like an oasis, in the hot, sticky weather of Mumbai. Relax at this cool centre and enjoy some fantastic fruit mixes, faloodas and punches. If you’re in mood for some authentic Goan food, head towards Martin’s in Colaba, a tiny haven for enjoy Goan staples like fried fish with a mug of chilled beer, smoked pork sausages and spicy prawn curry with steamed rice.

When it comes to the street food, the city seems like a playground with hundreds of variety to try. Go for some Pav Bhaji at Sardar’s at Tardeo, keema and seekh paranthas at Sarvi in Byculla, masala dosa just outside Sophia college, Bombay sandwich at Dheeraj’s stall near Mithibai college. There’s not a corner in Mumbai, that’ll leave you dissatisfied with the best street food.

And, lastly the staple diet of Mumbai – a cutting chai and vada pav. No trip to the city is complete without having a bite into this fantastic dish. Though you can find it at almost every other street food stall, to have the best taste try it at Araam Vada Pav, Krishna Batatawada and Dheeraj Sandwich. If you’ve been planning to try these amazing foods, take a Mumbai to New Delhi flight or a Delhi to Pune bus and enjoy the food culture of the city. Happy eating!

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