Do Shutters Add Value To Your Home

Do you own your home? If yes, you are already making a great investment by putting your money into a house rather than throwing it away each month on rent. But what can you do to add value to your home with little elbow grease but with a drastic return? Adding shutters! Believe it or not, people are willing to pay more for these simple luxuries including:

Each of the items listed above can be hired out for a decent price that will pay off in the end. For a more drastic comparison, let’s take a look at two homes that are side by side in the exact neighborhood and completely identical from the color of the walls to the carpet in the basement. Both of the homes are listed for sale at the exact same price. The only difference between the two homes is one includes air conditioning and the other doesn’t. Which home do you think is going to sell first? No contest!

It is the “little” things that make all the difference.

Enjoy It Now

Why wait to make these luxurious updates when you are ready to sell? That’s insane! You deserve to enjoy your home just as much as the next family/person will.

Take the time to install superior blinds, shutters and drapery in your home and get the best out of your home while you’re in it. Window treatments improve your home value based off the customers needs and wants. Regardless of the competition, a buyer will fall in love with your home because of its unique characteristics, shutters being high on that list.

How Much Value Will Shutters Add?

Keep in mind, throwing up some cheap plastic blinds that bend and kink just by looking at them, won’t do anything for you or a potential buyer. Make sure the shutters and blinds you choose are in fact adding value rather than adding work. What I mean by work is installing cheap blinds becomes another task for someone to fix before feeling comfortable in their home. Make sure you choose the appropriate size for your window and a style that flows with your home.

There are hundreds of beautiful shutter, blind, and drapery styles to choose from but if your home is 99% traditional and you choose a modern window covering, you’re just contradicting your homes status from ‘move-in ready’ too ‘needs some work’.

Depending on your design choices, shutters can add or subtract value. Take the amount you spend on installing quality window coverings and tack that on to your mortgage. With time and depending on the fluctuation of the market, 9/10 times you will see the benefits. Either way, you will get to enjoy a luxurious addition to your house making it your home.

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