Do Student Need Paper Books When There’s e Books and Tablets

Nowadays, students have at their disposal a large variety of E-readers, tablets and laptops they can use to read. By using these gadgets, they can get access to literally any type of text: entire books, research papers, essays, poems, magazine articles and so on. There is agreat controversy regarding which type of reading medium is best: the real book or the tech gadget?

The Paper Book is More Personal

Even the best essay writer online will admit that he acquired his good reading comprehension and writing skills by reading real books. The paper books give you a more personal encounter with the story itself. By flipping the pages of the book, or by sensing that typographic smell will all play on the strings of your brain and you will get more personal with the story.

The Paper Book Helps you Remember More from what you’ve Read

A recent study has proved that readers basically assimilate less when reading on their tablets, instead of reading the real book. This means that if you read a novel using your e-reader or the tablet you will not remember the plot quite as exactly as if you would have read it flipping the pages of a real book. There are certain very difficult novels that students must read for their exams, and experts suggest they should use the paperback instead of their tablets if they want to absorb the story/plot much better.

Paper Books let you Read Faster. No Interruptions.

Yet another reason that speaks in favor of the paper book reading, is the speed. It has been proved that once you ‘enter’ the plot of the story by page 50 and up, you will be able to read extremely fast, compared to reading on a tablet. Your laptop, smartphone or tablet is also a medium fordistractions. You most probably have Wi-Fi connected, which means that your reading will be constantly interrupted when you get an SMS, an email, a notification or even spam advertisements to your inbox.

Paper Book Reading is Cozy

Take your paper book, sit in a nice and cozy corner and you will be able to read without any distractions. Many students actually mute their phone or tablet for the time they are reading an important book, or reading research material using a Thesaurus, a magazine, a specialty book and so on. A good online essay writer even top rated by will also admit that you cannot become a fantastic writer by reading only on your tablet screen. You must use paper books as often as possible, and remember that traditional reading is much better for your brains than reading on gadgets.

So yes, students do need paper books even though their desk is filled with all sorts of gadgets. Books are the real thing. They allow you to immerse into a few hours of complete serenity, focusing solely on what the author wants to say. There isa certain magic to reading a good novel with the book in one hand and a hot cocoa in your other hand. There is no tablet, laptop or E-book reader that can replace such a genuine feeling!

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