Do You Need Mi-Fi Device At All?

While the majority of people enjoy using Wi-Fi at home or at certain spots when they go out, Mi-Fi invention has made enjoying internet while on the move possible. Mi-Fi basically allows the user to connect a number of Wi-Fi devices to a single mobile broadband (4G data SIM). This mobile Wi-Fi router makes it easier for users to connect their phones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices, the same way a wireless router would function.

Is Mi-Fi More Cost Effective Than the Normal Wi-Fi Spots?

Mi-Fi is the type of wireless connection that allows users access to the internet anywhere at very cost-friendly rates. There are various ways to connect your device to mobile broadband but, the fact that you can connect up to 10 devices with a single hotspot makes this type of connection more economical. Also, it’s easier for users to connect mobile devices to mobile data connection wherever. Be it at the beach, on the mountain, by the pool or in the forest, Mi-Fi makes wireless internet access very possible. Other key benefits of Mi-Fi include the following:

Saves Money on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that are designed with 4G data connection usually require a lot of money to keep recharging data. Considering the huge costs associated with the purchase of data, Mi-Fi provides a more elaborate and cheaper ways of accessing the internet fast. With a Mi-Fi, there is ideally no need of buying a 4G device.

Reduced on Roaming Charges

If the device you’re using is detected in the oversea market, mobile operators will charge for connecting to the internet. Mi-Fi eliminates the need to pay for roaming data by allowing the user to turn off all roaming and connecting devices to a mobile hotspot. The best thing with this connection is that you’ll only pay for the charges once.

It Allows For 4G Connectivity on A 3G Device

Mi-Fi is a perfect way to go if you’re still using a device that doesn’t support a 4G network. With the option of speeding up the internet, Mi-Fi allows you to speed internet connection from your phone or tablet easily.

Faster Connection Speed

Whether it’s an upload or download, Mi-Fi provides the 4G connection support that will get the job done in seconds. Regardless of the size and nature of the file being downloaded, switching to Mi-Fi allows you to enjoy an incredibly faster internet connection.

Which Type of Mi-Fi Router Is the Best?

When shopping for a mobile router, anyone would obviously want to go for a cheaper option. There are two major Mi-Fi devices to choose from: Mi-Fi from mobile operators and network-unlocked Mi-Fi. While the former can be acquired free of charge, but with a monthly subscription, the latter allows the user to add a data-only SIM with much lower monthly subscriptions. Free Mi-Fi from a mobile operator might sound a better option but it has the following disadvantages:

Best Mobile Routers to Consider Purchasing

While the market is saturated with many brands of Mi-Fi devices, there are only a few which promises incredible performance in internet connectivity. Some of the best Mi-Fi router brands to consider in the market include Vodafone Huawei, osprey Mini, Huawei Pocket Hotspot Plus, TP-Link M7350 and more. Be sure to compare the devices based on the total data limit, a number of devices it can support, Micro-SD support and battery life.

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