Saturday 08 May 2021

Doing Escort SEO For An Escort Agency

One of the most competitive niches online for SEO is escorting with terms like London Escorts having a huge amount of competition. In order to compete in such niches you are going to have to do some good SEO on your escort web site to compete with all of those other escort agencies and so here are the top tips:

Doing Escort SEO For An Escort Agency

  1. Back Links
    The most important part of SEO is the back links to your web site, if you have none then you are never going to rank for anything! The best links are relevant and high quality and so you want links from other good web sites about escorts and escorting in general. It is also important that they have a good domain authority, this means that the site linking to you needs good links itself or it will have very little SEO value to pass onto your web site and so in the same way that a site won’t rank without any links, it will also not pass any value in its external links.When building links it is also very important to make sure that they are built naturally and so you do not want to acquire thousands of links in one day if your site has not generated any links at all in the last six months. That is not going to look natural to a search engine! So it is much better to build the links gradually over time and to vary the anchor text used in the links a lot so that the back link profile looks very natural.There are lots of options when looking for escort links, you can view the back link profiles of your competitors using a tool like Majestic or there are web sites that offer escort links.
  2. On-Page SEO
    You need to make sure that the keywords that you want to rank well for are used well within your content and so if you are targeting a keyword like London Escorts then you need to use that in your title, meta description and your on-page content. It is better if you have long content and content that is of a high quality and interesting as Google reward high quality content so in the case of London Escorts you should write a long piece about escorts in London that people will find useful.It is then also important that your web site works very well and so works on all devices such as smart phones and tablets and also loads quickly. A good design is also very good as it keeps people on the site instead of clicking back, user engagement is important as that is something else that Google rewards and so keeping the users on the site for a good amount of time helps with SEO.

So with these two SEO tips you can get your escort web site ranking well in the search engines and competing for the very stop keywords.