Wednesday 12 May 2021

Do’s and Don’ts in Using Linens and Centerpieces

More often than not, guests notice the overall ambiance of an event they are attending based on the color and design chosen for linens and centerpieces. You may even unknowingly feel the vibe of the event’s theme upon gazing on the centerpieces before you. These centerpieces enhance the atmosphere of an upcoming program and certainly leave a lasting impression to everyone.

Are you looking to get some inspiration for your next event? Here are some do’s and don’ts in presenting your linens centerpieces.

  • Do mix tall and low centerpieces.

Blending tall with low centerpieces creates a visual balance around the venue. Tall centerpieces fill the room while low centerpieces open an invitation for guests to engage in casual conversation. In case you are hesitant about tall centerpieces, draped linens can come to the rescue. Bonus tip: Draping just the ceiling can also make the space feel totally different, and it’s cheaper than covering the entire room.

  • Don’t forget about the shape of the tables.

We need to consider the shape of tables so we can decide which centerpiece will give room or prevent crowding the table. Say for example, a round table suits a solo tall centerpiece since guests can easily look either way around. On the other hand, a single centerpiece may make a rectangular table look empty so multiple narrow array of centerpieces will look inviting alongside place settings.

  • Do explore on creativity.

If the tablecloth aims to show itself as a center of attraction, choose an exciting fabric like lace. Feel free to explore options in terms of design, pattern, texture etc. After all, it’s a once in a blue moon treat for ourselves and our guests so why not utilize your own creative juices?

  • Don’t over-accessorize.

Should you decide to use table runners to make an attention-grabbing statement, it is wise to match it with a plain colored, well-pressed tablecloth. Say for example, striped table runners will stand out against a plain white tablecloth. It will be picture perfect.

  • Do disperse details.

Whenever you feel that conventional is boring, you may try to disperse details by using a different hue to blend with the centerpieces. Subtle details make a prettier presentation. Bring in some texture to patterns like florals. Choose a hue that coordinates with the rest of centerpieces, just subtly outshining the rest and the guests will surely notice.

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Ryan Davis is the owner of Argyle Catering the best company for catering Jefferson City, MO has to offer.