Do’s and Don’ts Of Installing Column Pipes For Submersible Pump

Column pipes designed for submersible pump is crafted with special compound uPVC that makes the pipe stronger enough against loads and pressure. Column pipes for submersible pumps are equipped with square threads and sealing ring. The square threads are made with CNC machine to offer sufficient grip and extra strength against tensile loads. Sealing ring is crafted in flat D type design with rubber to make the joints watertight and to absorb pump vibration.

In this post, manufacturers of uPVC pipes for submersible pump will share guidelines for installing their products. They will also talk about precautions that should be taken while installing these products.

Installation of column pipes

Here is the step-by-step guide that helps in installing column pipes without mistake.

  1. You need to tighten the C.I. bottom adaptor placed on the pump using a strap wrench or pipe wrench. Use loop bail or M.S. Clamps to lower the pump in the well.
  2. Take a long pipe (3 meter) and remove the protection cap from male end. Clean and wipe both the ends using cotton rug.
  3. Make sure the rubber gasket came along with the pipe should be placed rightly in the groove on the pipe’s male thread.
  4. Replace the damaged seal with extra sealing rings.
  5. Ensure that pipes should be clamped at right location on the pipe where “Clamp Here” is marked.
  6. The clamps you use should be of right size.
  7. You should not use column pipe for submersible pump with G.I. pipes in the same tube well or bore well.
  8. Assemble pipe one after the other.
  9. Always use professional tools for installation.

What should not be done during installation?

You should not over tighten the pipes as it may crush the rubber seal, which further leads to leakage or pipe failure. Always use new rubber seals for every reinstallation of submersible pump. It is suggested not to apply any oil or grease on the threads. Always make use of safety device like pump protection relay to avoid dry running of pump.

Manufacturers and suppliers offering column pipes for submersible pump advice to use good quality reflux valves on the delivery side as it helps prevents water hammer, upthrust and back spin in the pumping system. For professional assistance, you may contact your nearest vendor today. You can share your thoughts with readers in comments.

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