Wednesday 12 May 2021

DPT College: Helps To Know More About Panchakarma Ayurvedic Treatment

DPT College

These days, people across the globe are getting aware about the numerous benefits that are derived from Ayurvedic Therapies. One such therapy is Panchakarma that is gaining immense popularity as an alternative medicine. Hence, candidates aspiring to have a fabulous career, recognition and money are interested to undergo Diploma in Panchakarma course. If this is what they have in mind then, the best DPT college like OSPMI is the right choice. This type of treatment is useful to the patients, since it helps to clean and detoxify the body.

DPT College: Helps To Know More About Panchakarma Ayurvedic Treatment

Why ayurvedic therapy?

Ayurveda provides treatment to the different diseases that is suffered by the human body. Such products are used widely people in thousands. The reason is because, it can successfully eliminate ailments without involving any kind of side effect for the body or the skin. It is essential to know that toxins that are present within the body are harmful to the mind and the skin. According to the experts, the body is to be free from all types of toxic substances. Hence, Panchakarma form of treatment is regarded to be the best available method for purifying the body.

A fabulous treatment

It is a treatment that is used for eliminating the toxic substances present in the body. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, the body is known to comprise of 7 elements. In case, the equilibrium gets disturbed, then it only will enhance the body toxicity level. Such toxins are undoubtedly harmful for the various body systems. Therefore, the toxin levels are to be removed immediately from the body.

Learning the procedure

The body purification is carried out with this treatment, generally offered in massage parlour or spas and some hospitals. the essential oils with minerals and other natural substances get used. The mineral oils are offered on the different body parts for eliminating the toxic material. For this purpose, massage therapy is used. It is important for the aspiring candidate to learn the different procedures carefully and properly. Only then can the desired results be derived within a short span of time. the best results are likely to increase patient satisfaction. Hence, they should join the best and reputed colleges in the domain like OSPMI. Here they are taught about the different procedures the correct way.

Basic five elements related to this treatment

The candidates are taught about the basic five elements that are performed in this form of treatment. The first is Nasya which cleanses the nose. It helps to treat poor eyesight, grey hairs and headaches. The next is Vaman which helps to cure different types of ailments related to the respiratory track, as well as to cure imbalance of alveoli and bronchi. The third is Raktha Moksha, which is purification of blood. It is regarded to be a complicated technique and requires proper and in-depth training. The fourth is Virechana, which deals with the liver. This procedure helps to cure issues like digestive disorders, acidity and constipation. The last is Vasthi, which helps to cure different ailments related to body toning.


Overall, OSPMI is the right college to be, to earn a diploma in Panchakarma Therapy and to become a successful practitioner. The faculties in the college are qualified and can help the candidates to learn about the therapy in details.


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