Dry Type Transformers Manufacturers Making Self Extinguishing Transformers For Their Industrial Clients

Industrial staff must be exclaiming after getting the news from dry type transformers manufacturers about their self-extinguishing and fire resistant product range. They use fire retardant materials like aluminium, epoxy resins, and silica for production process.

What does Self Extinguishing Means?

Self extinguishing product prevents the fire and stops its development. It also interrupt or slow down combustion processes by eliminating any of the fire continuing factors, like oxygen, fuel, heat, etc. Manufacturers in dry type transformer, if the cause of fire is removed, then the fire will be ceased by itself by continuous consumption of fire energy. This is all done with the help of construction materials that are fire resistant.

Aluminium as a Self Extinguishing Material – A Brief Explanation

Melting point of aluminium alloys ranges from 600 to 660 degrees Celsius. This is the reason why when aluminium is exposed to fire environment, it starts melting instead of burning. Hence, it is a metal that melts but doesn’t catch fire instantly.

Other than this, aluminium has higher heat conductivity, which is almost four times greater than the iron. Also, the material has high heat dissipation rate. That means, when the material exposed to fire, it will dissipate bulk amount of heat faster and simultaneously absorb huge amount of thermal energy from the fire heat. This results in fire extinguishing.

Resins as a Fire Resistant Materials- Brief Introduction

The resin possesses fire resistance property with following features-

Lower heat release At the end, you can any time make purchases of such self-extinguishing transformers from dry type transformers manufacturers. Synergy offers premium and efficient range of transformers to its global customers. You can rely on this reputed company’s experts and avail best solutions at affordable rates.

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