Dynamic Lives Brings A Slice Of Ibizan Luxury To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the in-vogue destination for those discerning travellers in search of both luxury and adventure in 2017. World-class surfing, cultural and historical attractions, and a spectacular landscape are just a few reasons why Sri Lanka is popular with adventurous holidaymakers; yet it is the latest luxuries that make the island the complete holiday destination for the upcoming year. Dynamic Lives, a leading supplier of luxury villa rentals in Sri Lanka (and also one of the leading villas suppliers in Ibiza for over 20 years), is bringing a slice of Mediterranean luxury to this tropical island: from modern, minimalistic villas with exceptional features to a 5-star concierge.

Easy to reach from Australia, Europe, and Asia, Sri Lanka is located in the centre of the world, meaning access is easy from most international airports.The island caters for a variety of enticing holiday types: from soft adventure – such as a wild safari and a tour ofSigiriya Rock – to the more laid back,poolside relaxation in a luxurious villa. And best of all, the prices are extremely reasonable. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is, therefore, appropriating luxuries from the west in order to build upon a fascinating and authentic culture to offer the complete holiday destination to tourists from all over the world. Read about the holiday features that are fulfilling fantasies in 2017.

Culinary Comforts

With an unsurpassable supply of herbs and spices, the island paradise has become a haven for food enthusiasts in recent years, each of whom is keen to sample the immense variety on offer. But it is a new type of flexibility that is appealing to everyone.Sri Lanka has long served up some of the world’s most interesting and exotic cuisine, yet those in search of home comforts on foreign shores will enjoy a new culinary trend: the concierge services of companies likeDynamic Lives are arranging for local chefs to bringMediterranean cuisine to Sri Lanka’s scenic tables.Much like Ibiza, Sri Lankan dining is all about the gastronomic sensations: dinner with a stunning view, breakfast at sunrise, or afternoon lunch on a spectacular beach. In-house chefs are offering healthy Mediterranean dishes, such as fresh fish and interesting salads, to enhance the comfort of choice and complete the sensational dining experiences. Local chefs are being trained by European professionalsand can serve up a traditional Sri Lankan curry or a contemporary seafood salad. As any chef worth their weight in rare Eastern Himalayan salt will tell you, ingredients are everything; as can be expected from a five-star service, each dish served in Sri Lanka’s luxury villas are prepared using only the finest, freshest ingredients on offer. Sri Lanka’s sumptuous and varied cuisine is also benefitting from being served al fresco, with some of the most scenic backdrops imaginable. From pristine beaches to palm-tree-laden grounds and forest-veiled hills, stunning scenery enhances dinnertime at most luxury villa rentals in Sri Lanka.

Luxurious Accommodation

Sri Lankan villa rental specialists are going one step further than just serving Mediterranean-style cuisine: their villas are becoming increasingly lavish in appearance and quality. Contemporary properties are being built in increasing numbers to cater for the influx of holidaymakers. In appearance, they resemble the architecture of Ibiza: straight lines, white in colour, minimalistic in style, with elements of wood and cement for an understated look. Inside merges with outside, as floor to ceiling windows retract at many luxury properties. Upon entering a luxury villa in Sri Lanka, one is greeted by open spaces, views to the pool area, and a feeling of comfort. Much like in Ibiza, properties are complementing the natural environment to an increasing degree; large windows and views of natural beauty embellish an affinity between humankind and the environment. Most properties enjoy a beachfront location, meaning this affinity is an important aspect of properties.

Ibizan Villas on Sri Lankan Shores

  1. Stella Beach Villa

Stella Beach Villa, located on the island’s lush south coast, best exemplifies the new style of villas on offer. With its own 400m private beach, a 20m swimming pool, sun terrace and outdoor dining area, this may just be one of the world’s most deluxe dining experiences.

  1. Talpe Beach Villa

Enjoying a secluded stretch of coastline in the South of Sri Lanka, Talpe Beach Villa encapsulates the transforming allure of the island. A cool contemporary style characterizes the architecture of the property, as well as the stunning swimming pool. From just $600 per night, up to 10 guests can enjoy the unreserved luxury on offer at the property rental, which starts with a fine view of the beach and an airy, open layout.

  1. Suriya Villa

Even traditional Sri Lankan villas are being invigorated with the styling of Mediterranean properties. Suriya Villa, for example, enjoys a clean, white aesthetic throughout, with an open, minimalist feel. The property exemplifies the spectacular effect of combining authentic Sri Lankan character with Mediterranean style and comfort.

  1. Star Service

One major difference between the two popular islands is that in Sri Lanka you can enjoy a private cooking lesson from fully trained chefs in your private kitchen, should you wish to. No request is too large or too small for in-house staff. Characteristically friendly, the Sri Lankan population is extremely welcoming of visitors to their culture. Villa teams are happy to introduce travellers to their way of life through interaction, culinary practices, or a tour of the region. Aside from chefs, Dynamic Lives’ concierge service in Sri Lanka can arrange for child-minders, massage therapists, personal trainers, security guards and private chauffeurs. Rest assured that your time in Sri Lanka will be of Balearic quality.

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