Sunday 16 May 2021

Education is the key to building a bigger and better world capable of supporting and sustaining each and every individual. With education, it is the life source of the world we are developing thereby enhancing its fruitfulness and ability. Education proves to be one of the most powerful tools possessed by a human being who puts him in control of others and his surroundings. It gives vitality and courage to an individual to fight against anything life has to offer. Education plays such a key role in the development of an individual and a nation. However, there are yet many nations which live in the shadows doomed without the power of education. They strive in poverty and hunger unable to sustain their families and amidst this infinite struggle, education is just another dream far from their grasp. Many children capable of doing the extraordinary are laid back without education mostly because his family is incapable of providing him the funds and capital required for it.

Educational Awareness

This is the scenario in various parts of the globe are a serious concern to be dealt with. While letting these children waste away in the depths of illiteracy it is the spine of the future we are destroying. As a result, many visionary and charity organizations and child welfare societies have seen it their mission to support and provide education to the needy. Their organizations have been established with a mission to serve the purpose of providing free and impartial education to the children who are in need of it the most in remote countries and areas across the world. In accordance with this various campaigns and exhibitions are set up to attract the mob’s attention and to make them aware of the rights that are available to them. These organizations train and educate teachers for the purpose of imparting education to these children thereby carving the road to a better tomorrow.

Most people around the globe see education as a necessity to earn a living. But education is something far beyond that roof. In fact, the upper bounds of education can neither be pointed nor be defined. These organizations and welfare societies believe that through education, they are bestowing a better world with a more reasonable power to understand and control the environment that he lives in. Providing education means creating self and social awareness and through it, a generation capable of resolving the problems of the future and present alike could be cultivated. As such, many countries around the world have made it possible for the children to ask for free education. Countries like India and other visionaries have made education a right and compulsory for students at their lower age. Leaders and concerned personnel all work to their maximum potential to impart such forms of education to each and every child in their country. Education is of massive power and strength. An educated individual holds the key to opening the doors to a whole new world of new thoughts and ideals. Through education, a world, better aware of its condition is born.


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