Engineered Flooring: What It Is and Where To Use It

A new floor is an expensive item and it’s likely that you won’t change it again for several years, so getting it right is important, but there are many types to choose from.

For advice on choosing the right floor type for your home The Good Housekeeping Institute provides some useful guidance.

What is engineered flooring?

It’s constructed of a top layer of real wood with a ply mid-section and a wooden bottom layer to give it stability. Installing the floor is simple with its click together tongue and groove edges but the product can need some time in your home to acclimatize prior to being fitted.

Where to use it

It can be used in most rooms in the home but avoid those where there will a lot of moisture created, such as a bathroom, as it is still a natural product and may be prone to warping. Engineered floor coverings can be a great investment too as many offer a lifetime of use.

Companies such as supply a range of engineered floor coverings.

There is a great range of choice available in this type of flooring too. Most wood types are available, from oak to ash, with a range of finishes such as oiled or knotted, brushed or sanded along with varying plank widths that allow you to create the effect most suited to your room and which is in keeping with the rest of your decor.

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