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Dermatoglyphics: Key to Revealing Hidden Talents

Coined by finger prints specialist-Dr. Harold Cummins, the term Dermatoglyphics is used to refer to the ridge formations that are found on the hand palms and feet soles of humans. It involves the scientific study of fingerprints to analyse a individual’s personality traits.

As each human being is blessed with unique fingerprints, according to scientific research, these distinct patterns correlate with a person’s genetic makeup. These findings have their basis in the varied subjects of genetics, statistics, medicine and anthropology.

What does a Dermatoglyphics Test do?

Through biometric analysis of the fingerprints, a Dermatoglyphics test is used to measure an individual’s capacities, brain power, talent and inherent intelligence. This test is particularly useful for strategizing the right development of a child. By predicting a child’s innate capacity, a Dermatoglyphics test allows for the specific improvement in the arena of his intelligence.

How is a Dermatoglyphics Test Beneficial?

With scientific-backing, the concept of determining an individual’s capacities through Dermatoglyphics has taken over the as the new personality mapping trend. Although these tests are ideal to be used for analyzing the brain power of developing children, we cannot down play the importance of Dermatoglyphics tests for adults. The method for conducting DMIT tests involves collecting a minimum of 10 finger prints. These finger prints are then collated to form a detailed map of a person’s brain and it’s potential.

According to the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, every individual is intelligent in their own unique way. These tests predict the individual’s intelligence in all the different ways. It is believed that each of these aspects can be developed to competency through focused training to benefit the person to achieve their maximum potential. For example, a rhythmically blessed child will do well in the area of music, while a left brain thinker would be best suited for analytical subjects. Thus, by realizing the true potential of a child, parents can help them focus in the right direction.

Adults have also been leveraging these tests to gain more knowledge about their potentials. It is never too late to enlighten yourself and live life to your truest potential.

How is DMIT Software by DMIT Studio helpful for you?

With the primary aim of helping individual’s achieve goals in life by discovering their unseen potentials, DMIT Studio helps carry out DMIT tests through its copyright DMIT test software. Carried by professionals at our head office, the DMIT software test seeks to bring out the best in every individual.

With years of experience in discovering people’s inherent capacities, our DMIT software experts will help you and your employees gain immensely in their professional as well private lives by way of analysis through DMIT test software.

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