Epitome Of Class: French Manicure

When we talk about vintage manicures, French Manicures are considered the ultimate chic style which has still maintained to be in vogue. The ever classic french manicure is created when nails are dipped into a neutral skin colour and the edges are painted with thick opaque layer. This is the most often requested manicure in the salons. In Fact, the traditional french manicure has undergone many changes but core remains the same i.e. the painted tip of nail. If done right, french manicures are super fresh, elegant and feminine. It enhance the natural colour of your nails and makes the nails look longer.

Why choose french manicure?

French manicure is literally the most basic look for nails which goes with almost everything. Be it a party, a day out or even your marriage, this classic nail style never disappoints you. The focus of french nails is that it more realistic, natural and durable than other artificial nail arts. What makes french manicure so amazing and fantastic is that it is versatile. French manicure can embrace any shade of colour in clothing and jewellry. It does not restrict you to stick to one section of your wardrobe. Moreover, the variation in the traditional french manicure has opened the options to try it with anything and everything. It was 70 years back when elite women in paris used to opt for this clean and elegant look and surprisingly it has still maintained the same reputation.

How to do a french manicure?

You always have the option to visit a salon and get your french manicure done while relaxing. But it is not that tough to get the desired nails even at home with taking required precaution. It is the epitome of glamorous nails. It can be done with the gel paints or the acrylic ones. Just follow these simple steps and your nails will ready to own the nail game.

If you had your manicure done in the salon, you will have to get them filled twice a month. But by following these steps the only thing you need to take care is filling in the edges. This is durable and convenient. Even a layer of top coat will ensure the long life of your manicure.

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