Excessive Moisture And Humidity Can Completely Damage Your Home: Know How?

Little moisture and humidity in your home is quite normal as it is produced by cooking, washing, bathing and even breathing. But excessive moisture, however, is not at all acceptable.

There are several reasons, due to which humidity and moisture inside the house may increase above normal levels. This happens especially in wet or winter seasons when the home fails to ventilate properly and the moisture penetrates it through crawl spaces, walls, and basements.

Do you know, how dangerous is increased moisture and humidity for a house and homeowners is? Excessive moisture and humidity do not just people uncomfortable, but it can cause issues and health hazards at every level of the house. In simple words, it is certainly a threat to your health.

Below outlined are some common negative effects of increased humidity and moisture in your home.


If you have a basement space in your home, then there are increased chances of having humidity and moisture. The basement and crawl space trap moisture and humidity from the ground as they are not often ventilated. The combination of moisture and humidity can lead to mildew, which leads to the wood absorbing moisture and results in growing mold. The more mold growth wood has, the weaker it becomes and as a result, it crumbles, which can cause damage to the home.


When moisture and humidity settle in water pipes, AC units, bathroom tanks, and other mechanical items, it eventually causes fungus and rust, that lead to failed mechanical parts and fault in mechanisms. Failed parts prevent operation process and that means expensive repairs.


If you have stored food, wood, clothing, instruments, and other items in the attic or other humid spaces of your home, the goods can be damaged by increased humidity and moisture. In basement or attic spaces, foods can go stale, clothing can acquire a musty smell and other items can warp easily.


Humidity and moisture have not a direct negative effect on your house, it can also cause health hazards in the people inhabiting there. When there are mold and mildew growth in the basement, it’s airborne spores can spread through the air ducts and can be inhaled unknowingly. These spores cause infections, skin issues, allergies and more.


Wood is a common and most-used decoration and construction item, and with extra moisture and humidity, you are putting the wooden furniture and floors in danger. Increased moisture can lead to mold and mildew on the wooden surfaces and cause them to deform and decay. If there is increased humidity and moisture, mold and mildew are 50% more likely to develop in the spaces where moisture and humidity are concentrated, like wood surfaces and corners.

If you are in Maryland and feel that excessive moisture is becoming a serious issue in your home, don’t hesitate to contact an expert for Mold Remediation and bring your home back to normal.

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