Excuses That Might Not Stand For Giving Up Donations In Charity

Mankind is one of the most rare species developed by God, since it is the only race which has shown diversity unparalleled to any. If one goes through any other race that exists in the world, it’ll be seen, that they eat the same, breathe the same and live the same life. But for man, they might breathe the same, but eat and live different lives. This change might be dependent completely on their ability, but at times, one has nothing to do for the life that he leads.

Amidst all these imbalances, there are a few who try their best to help the under privileged and restore the balance which ideally should exist. Such philanthropic activities have always been highly placed in the society and it is their natural desire to benefit the community, that has always marked the difference. Charles Phillips’ wife has also delved in making some charitable donations that will help the otherized section grow strong and hence deliver to the community some day or the other. In some of the richest nations like America, the number of donations are large, but still there are huge gaps in between two stratas of society. If there are sufficient helping hands ready to be extended, then how come these differences still exist. After conducting some studies, the truth has finally been spoken. Although America leads the entire list of nations where charitable activities are carried out, only a small fraction of the actual number of donation goes for real help. There must be an intervention to this ongoing process, and socialists believe that it can actually help reduce the unnecessary suffering with donations working properly in the developing world.

Obviously one needs money not to lead day to day lives only, but also to save for the future. This is the basic rule of sustenance. But it doesn’t imply that such needs will prevent one from donating to the highly interactive and effective charities. There are two ways that one might adopt while donating to prevent the donation hurting anyone’s family wither in the present or in the past. If any section of the charity has earlier put some dramatic impact on the financial condition of the family, then a portion of it can be shifted. That will definitely help in gradually improving the financial condition of the family, and also if the overall amount that one targets to donate can be increased and achieved, then the difference in the rise can be used for effective donation.

No donation is small in amount. Just like every single drop unites together to form a ocean, these small donations cumulates to come to a bigger help. While sustainable development of the greater mass is quintessential to eradicate poverty, individual donations also play a major role in combating the situation. Charles Phillips’ wife has engaged herself in multiple such charitable programs only because of her belief in living for the greater mass.

Poverty is never a problem, rather it is the symptom of something that is eating up the undue balance within the society. To eradicate the disease, all need to work hand in hand and uproot it right from the base.

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