Exotic Destinations That Brendan Wetzel Believes Can Bring Mankind Back To Nature

Each and every human being has his own perception of living- some live to earn, some live to feel blessed of this human life, and some live to earn and then spend on traveling. The last on the list seems to be the most interesting as it has got multiple uncertainties involved in it. Now there are two different types of places for these people to travel- one the man-made tourist destinations and the other is definitely what nature has built up for human beings to explore.

When these historic places are done with, and enough of man-made culture has been visited, it might be a heavy dose of sun, sea and beautiful sand that might quench some thirst. Speaking to some of the avid travelers across the world, Brendan Wetzel has found that most people travel to escape, but how good this escapism can be, is determined by how exotic a place you visit. While you’re hunting down for some of the exotic destinations across the world, Brendan never fails to disappoint you. He might not have visited all of them but has taken an account for all.

Some of the Favorite Exotic Destinations Brendan Wetzel Notes Down

Nothing can be better than this place to start with. With a legendary surf scene and golden sand beaches spread out for 120 miles at a stretch, a nature lover can never turn his face away from Hawaii. More popularly known as ‘the valley isle’, Maui has been frequently visited by travelers for its misty peaks, the bamboo forest and those mighty sunsets for which you can take quite a few births. Missing out such a tranquil beauty is definitely a miss, and when you have the Kaihalulu beach to warm you up, you can spend a lifetime over there.

That’s the beauty of nature, from extreme oriental lands or the extreme occidental spheres- only natural beauty can take you from one horizon to the other. Climate is what makes Puerto Rico so amazing. With a tropical climate, the secluded beaches lined up with palm trees, and a topography which has enough variety to amaze you every time you visit, Puerto Rico is definitely one of the exotic beach destinations in the Caribbean lands. There’s the bio-luminescent Mosquito Bay which adds charm to the nights and a cool deep bath can squeeze out all the tiredness within.

While mentioning all these places, Brendan Wetzel points out one interesting thing, the most of the beautiful places lack the posh styling and polished out areas that most of the modern day travelers hunt for. The reason is quite simple; civilization has not yet struck these places. Nurturing the nature brings out the plastic beauty and along with it, drains the natural one. It is obviously at the discretion of the traveler regarding what they want to enjoy, but these exotic destinations spread across the globe can never be ignored.

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