Wednesday 12 May 2021

Experience Australia’s Overlander’s Way

Experience Australia’s Overlander’s Way

There are so many beautiful places in Australia, that if you have the chance to travel there, it would be a shame to miss them. Whether you travel in a campervan hire or find another form of transportation, there are several fascinating routes that you’ll want to take to get to where you’re going.

One such route is the Overlander’s Way. It’s a unique drive that will take you on an adventure and through some beautiful places. It´s a 1081 kilometre drive, so it won´t take you too long to travel, but you should set aside some extra time for enjoying the sites and iconic places along the way.

You can expect everything from swimming opportunities to stargazing experiences, plus a whole lot of history. You´ll also get to learn more about the mining culture in the area and the history of one of the most famous mining areas in the country. To help give you a closer glimpse of what you can expect, the following are some of its highlights.

  • Your drive will start in one of the most-visited places in Australia: The Great Barrier Reef. Starting in Townsville, you’ll have the opportunity to go snorkeling or diving to see what is one of the world’s most coveted and largest reefs. There are also plenty of things to do for those who want to enjoy local hot-spots. From trying delectable food to bar hopping, Townsville will satisfy you both for it’s beautiful beaches and ocean, but for its atmosphere as well.
  • After getting your fill of fun at Townsville, drive on to Charter’s Towers. There you will experience a different side of Australia. Unlike Townsville, you won’t find beaches to sunbathe at, but you can find plenty of history and gorgeous architecture to interest you. From museums to theatres, this is an ideal spot for the culture buff who wants to get to know lesser-known areas of Australia.
  • Of course, you may not want to stay in Charter’s Towers forever. Continue on towards Richmond. In Richmond, you will have the opportunity to get to see all kinds of cool things pertaining to dinosaurs. As the home of Kronosaurus Korner, if you´re traveling with kids, this is the perfect opportunity for them to have a bit of fun. It´s where you can see some of the world´s best dinosaur fossils. You´ll also be able to visit places like Lake Fred Tritton and have a chance at fishing or kayaking.
  • After you (or your kids) have seen all the dinosaurs that you could possibly want to see, it´s time to continue onto Cloncurry. Cloncurry may at first not seem like much, but if you look closer, there is plenty to entertain you. Whether you´re an avid fan of aviation and want to visit the Qantas Hangar or you want to discover more about the area at John Flynn Place Museum, Cloncurry is a good stop for those who want to learn more about this area´s history. If you prefer nature visits, head on over to Chinaman Creek Dam and take a swim to cool off.
  • After a short visit to Cloncurry, discover Mount Isa. A place where mining used to reign supreme, you can discover a lot about history and mining at Isa Visitor center. If you´re in the mood for some fun in the sun and near the water, visit Lake Moondarrra. The city is also a great place to enjoy some drinks and get to know more about the local culture. It´s always nice to throw back a few beers in a place where you´ve never been before. For a great photo opportunity, go up to the city lookout for some great views.
  • Before you finish your trip, you´ll head onto Camooweal. A rugged town, you´ll have a glimpse into outback lifestyle while also having the opportunity to visit one of the most iconic places in the country: Camooweal Caves. These sinkholes date to over thousands of years and are worth your time.

The Overlander´s Way is a true portrayal of the Australian outback. It will provide you with the opportunity to see some of the most interesting places in the area. You´ll have the opportunity to learn more about the local history while also being able to see beautiful spots like Lake Moondorra and Camooweal Caves.

For anyone who really wants to get to know more about the Australian outback, this is the experience that you want to have. You´ll have the opportunity to see a variety in landscapes and scenery on your trip.

Because this is a long yet enjoyable trip, you will want to take advantage of a campervan hire to ensure you have a place to sleep every night. A campervan will make it possible for you to enjoy focusing on the places you visit and less on where you´re going to stay.


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