Wednesday 02 June 2021

Facing drug-offense charges? Consult a criminal defense attorney, today!

Drug-related crimes are a severe offense in Atlanta and other states of America. The person, if caught with possessing illegal drug or be involved in substance abuse will face serious repercussions. But there have been instances where these crimes are a result of ignorance, in which case one must have strong criminal defense attorney in Atlanta to represent and fight for their rights. Criminal Defense Attorney is a Georgia based law firm, with extensive experience in successfully getting people accused of drug possession or substance abuse, their charges dismissed.

Are you a soon-to-be grad student facing drug possession or substance abuse charges?

College years are critical for every student, hustling and studying day and night to put the best foundation for a meritorious career and bright future. But this is also a very vulnerable phase where young children, out of their home,  under peer pressure, try experimenting with drugs and other substances. Caught even with a small quantity of drug is considered a violation. If you think that once a blue moon doesn’t get me in trouble with the law and federal authority, then you should read the following to be aware of the long-lasting consequences of any drug-related crime you did under of pretext of having “fun”:

Probation or suspension from school:

No school would want to tarnish their reputation by being associated with kids charged with drug possession pure substance abuse. Depending upon the type and the quantity, you might either get academic probation or suspension, on disciplinary grounds.

Additionally, if caught with illegal drugs, you will be doing a lot of back and forth. College to court. This will result in your lagging college credit, which will affect your graduation. Some colleges also have the protocol to withhold the graduation of the student unless they have served their punishment or complied with the federal laws.

Jail and fine:

If you have been charged with drug possession, especially Marijuana, you are most likely to be charged with a minimum a month of jail time. Also, with the medical marijuana possession becoming legal, unless you can present a prescription, you will be subjected to jail as well as fine, depending upon the degree of offense.

Student financial aid retracted:

It takes a lot of savings to get through college, which is why college-going students are provided with student financial aid from the government. If caught with illegal drugs, your government student aid can be revoked, causing an economic disruption in your education.

Juvenile arrested for drug possession?

The laws and ramifications for drug possession are the same for kids as well as adults. What matters is the place, quantity, and type of drug. Juveniles are unaware of the laws and the subsequent consequences, and it’s easy to get derailed at this age. Hence parents of juveniles charged with drug possession must immediately consult a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta so that they can help get the charges dismissed or reduced so that the mistakes made in ignorance do not come in their way of getting a seat in reputed college and adversely impact their bright future.

Drug possession is not a minor crime. Caught with even milligrams of any illegal substance can result in jail time, probationary period, fines, etc. If you or someone you know has been charged with drug possession, substance abuse or any other drug-related crime, immediately get in touch with a criminal defense attorney Atlanta. Criminal Defense Matters is a law firm helping victims of false accusations get their reputation back. Our legal representatives are available for on-call consultations 24*7. We also offer tailored fee plan per your budget.

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