Tuesday 27 July 2021

Features That Makes FRP Beams Acceptable In Industries


Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic is a distinctive material that is gaining importance in the recent days. Not only FRP structures are used in commercial applications, they are also used in residential areas, as well. In the earlier times, people used steel, aluminum, iron and other metals for construction. But, fibreglass has appeared as one of the most effective materials in the global market. FRP structures have several advantages over the conventional products. They offer high strength and support to the buildings. FRP is really shaping the existing norms of the industrial structures.

What Is Fibreglass Beam?

The beams offer unmatched strength to the structures of the buildings. They are helpful in bearing a load and hold structures firmly together. FRP beams can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. The proportion of the polymers and the fibres determine the strength of the buildings. The fibreglass supporting structures are widely used in various applications and making complex structures.

Features That Makes FRP Beams Acceptable In Industries

Wide Applications of FRP Beams:

The iron and the steel beams were quite popular in the earlier times. But after the advent of FRP, architects use FRP beams for making the buildings strong and durable. FRP beams and support channels have numerous significant advantages over the iron beams. Fibreglass beams offer pressure out of the base structures and help to maintain huge strength and form. These structures come in wide range of shapes and sizes. They can withstand huge pressure and can cope up with harsh environmental conditions inside the industries. They can withstand external factors like heat, pressure and moisture. The FRP beams have changed the total concept of construction.

Infinite Level of Potential:

The main limitation that the architects face about the metal beams is that they are not customizable. They are unable to customize and they are heavy to move from one place to another. But in the case of the fibreglass beams, they are available in customized forms. The manufacturers can craft the products according to the requirements of the customers. You can make anything from fibreglass. You can get platforms, landings, handrails and customized stair treads.

Features That Makes FRP Beams Acceptable In Industries

Light in Weight:

There is no need to think about the weight of the fibreglass products. As, the FRP structures are made pultrusions process, they are strong yet light in weight. FRP is lighter than other conventional items available in the market.

Anti-Slip Properties:

It is one of the desirable features of fibreglass. The anti-slip FRP structures are widely used in the industries to reduce the chances of accidents in the workplaces. The FRP beams are fire and chemical resistant at the same time.

FRP Beams Are Economical:

FRP structures are highly economical. They are used in various applications due to its low price and wide acceptability. When looking for options that are highly resistant to corrosion, titanium, and rubber and stainless materials are good choices. But, when you consider low cost and resistant product, FRP is best.

Thus, fibreglass structures are gaining importance nowadays due to its wide adaptability in extreme weather conditions. FRP coastal structures, handrails, beams, channels and access systems are quite popular.