Feng Shui And Fertility: Ways You Need To Know To Activate The Baby Chi

While it is important to take the general way of treating infertility, feng shui can help you create a living area especially in a bedroom that will support your hopeful conceiving. After undergoing infertility treatments, perhaps it is time to evaluate your house and make feng shui as your guide for fertility.

Lillian Too, a famous feng shui writer, conceived after meeting a feng shui master who told her to remove the tree that is blocking her front door. After she had removed the tree, she became pregnant after nine years of marriage and being an infertile woman. This supernatural event is what prompted her to study and practice feng shui.

According to Chi Running, the body, mind, and spirit unite through the life-giving energy called “chi.” The areas of our environment have chi, and it is important to keep this positive energy flowing in the home. Here are some ways to help you efficiently activate the particular chi powers linked with birth and fertility.

Remove Fixtures Over Your Bed

Large fixtures over your bed like chandeliers and ceiling fans are believed to prevent pregnancy from finally occurring due to the reduction of the energy around the woman’s solar plexus.

Place A Bowl Of Ripe Pomegranates

The pomegranate fruit represents fertility. Make sure to regularly replace the pomegranate inside your bedroom to ensure its freshness. You can choose between hanging a picture of a pair of the fruit on your wall to draw energy and a wall painting with a sliced open pomegranate that shows its red seeds to make it more auspicious.

An orchard signifies abundance, so it is alright to hang pictures of other kinds of fruits like an apple orchard and orange grove above your bed aside from pomegranates.

Display Objects of Fertility

There are certain objects that your bedroom needs to have to have the proper flow of positive energy.

One of the most recognized objects of fertility is the elephant. It is best to welcome your baby by placing one elephant object in the bedroom door and another one outside it. Putting a pair of trumpeting elephants next to the door opening is also a way to display the fertility symbol.

You can also wear an elephant charm to give you fruitfulness or put an elephant object in the Northwest or West area of your bedroom.

The dragon is a symbol for strong male energy or also known as the “yang” energy. Hang two dragon paintings over your husband’s bedside table or place a pair of small dragons on the table to urge yang energy that will help you conceive a child.

Make sure that the statues are not too big in sizes to avoid creating too much yang energy that can cause difficulty resting in your bedroom.

To draw in more fertility and great yang energies into your bedroom, suspend red paper lanterns over your bedside night stands or hang them on one side of the bed or in the west corner of the bedroom.

Do Not Block the Front Door

The “mouth of chi” is your front door and it is the main entrance of all energies that enter your home. Maintaining an open space out the front door is important.

The goal is to let the chi flow through all areas of the house especially in your bedroom. Make sure that you maintain a room without any clutter and a proper arrangement of furniture and boxes. It is to avoid any barriers that can prevent the chi from moving into your bedroom.


When you are trying to get pregnant, it is very significant in following the proper bedroom feng shui application. However, it is also necessary to maintain balance instead of using all the mentioned feng shui instructions that promote an environment that supports your efforts in conceiving a child.

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