Finding Luxury Train Travel Accommodation In India

Luxury train travels are considered to be the best gift to those who love to travel. If you are planning to visit India; the luxury trains are the best way to enjoy the place in a manner that is fit for the kings. How to book a ticket in a luxury train?

Types of Luxury Trains

Your first step is to determine which part of India you are planning to visit. There are many luxury trains in India that covers different areas in the country. Your list of choices includes Palace on Wheels, Maharajas Express, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Golden Chariot and Deccan Odyssey train. The last two are focused on South India while the rest are focused on north and western parts of India.


India is a tropical region. The summers would be hot and humid while the winter would be mild and wet. Certain places would be at prime beauty only during a particular season. Moreover, each luxury train would have a few months off. So, choose your train based on your vacation time and the types of attractions in the area of your choice during that season. The price of the ticket can also vary from one season to another.

Filling Out Form

Each luxury train booking process is different from other. In general; these are the steps that you would be following while booking.

  1. Visit the official site of the luxury train or site of any reputed travel agent like Orient Rail Journeys. Visit the booking page of the site.
  2. Enter basic contact details like name, email address, phone number and mailing address.
  3. Enter basic travel details like number of passengers, number of adult, time of travel and others. There would be a column for special requests. If you have any special requests like dietary needs, local language guide or others; you can mention it in this column.
  4. Once you fill and submit the form, you would either be contacted by the representative of the train or would be directed to the payment page.
  5. All luxury trains allow partial payment. The percentage of ticket cost that has to be paid initially differs from one train to another. The last date for full payment is also unique for each train. In the same manner; the cancellation policy and refund policies are different for each train and should be learnt in detail before booking tickets.
  6. Once the complete payment is done; the registration details would be sent to your mail. You need to have a physical copy of that throughout your travel.

Remember that each luxury train is different and you ought to learn about all terms and conditions in detail before the booking.


In certain travel agent site; you can have a complete package that includes the accommodation in prior to the train travel. This accommodation is not a part of your ticket price. You would be assigned a hotel room where you can stay for a day or two before your train travel and even after the travel, if you wish to. If possible; you can also combine the train tour with other tour packages. Please understand that these packages are provided by the travel agent of the site you choose and do not have any link with the luxury train. Thus, it is important to choose a reputed site for booking.

No matter which luxury train you choose or which season you plan to visit India; the place would be a real gem of touristy activities and help you gain a lot of unique memories.

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