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Fire Is Not A Plaything – Fire Protection Systems

Fire Is Not A Plaything - Fire Protection Systems

The discovery of fire has been one of the greatest accomplishments of the human beings. However it is that power which is the most unsafe one. Fire is not to be played with, it is that power which is considered as supreme and worshipped as well as feared of and is one of the harbingers of accidents and massive massacres! In any building, whether residential or commercial fire extinguishers are mandatory as per safety norms. So make sure you incorporate the safety kits related to fire in your buildings and run the regular necessary checks. Also, the fire extinguishers need to be from the best of brands who provide refilling services, maintenance and fire extinguishers of various types. Let us check in detail.

First we need to understand that fire can break out by burning of solid substances, liquid chemicals or even gaseous substances. The solids include paper, wood, fibers, plastics etc, while the liquid ones include oil, petrol, kerosene and lots more. The gaseous compounds include butane, chloride, natural propane, vinyl chloride and natural gases. The accident can happen in any form but you need to be prepared. Come and grab the support from the best and trusted manufacturers and dealers in the country. They will guide you on the type of extinguisher based on the surrounding situation and also help you with maintenance and refilling of the extinguishers.

Fire Fighting Accessories Are Mandatory 

The fire wardens should keep fire gloves, shoes, helmets, hydrant systems and safety equipment systems handy to combat emergency fire situations. These are generally available and taken care of by the facilities and security department of the buildings. If you don’t have these, consult the best and leading brands of fire protection systems to guide you.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Is Not A Plaything - Fire Protection Systems

While you finalise on the fire extinguishers for your unit, always make sure you consult one of the pioneer manufacturers. The trusted and experienced manufacturers deal with a variety of fire extinguishers which may be ether categorized into squeeze grip CO2 fire extinguishers or squeeze grip gas cartridge type fire extinguishers. These are manufactured and sold all over India. Also, it is advisable that you check for the necessary quality checks which need to comply with the safety measures so that the fire extinguisher performs well during emergency. These are also tested via demo sessions before they hit the market. The various types of fire extinguishers can be classified as below:

  • CO2 Type
  • Clean agent
  • Mechanical Foam
  • Water CO2
  • ABC / Clean Agent Modular
  • CO2 Gas Cartridges
  • Dry Powder
  • ABC Stored Pressure

Refilling of Fire Extinguishers

It is important that the fire extinguishing agent is refilled and checked from time to time. It is not that you just install the fire safety kit and expect it to function just like that. They all have a tenure or a span over which they are able to function, like an expiry date. So make sure you seek the necessary guidance and refill them accordingly.

It is fire that is worshipped, it is fire that is vowed with, and it is fire that causes severe havoc – both natural and artificial. So play safe with fire extinguisher kits and always remember that a small carelessness might lead to a greater damage. Contact the pioneer and leader of fire protection systems now!

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