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Have you planned your trip to Australia and New Zealand? Even if it is your first time visiting two of the best countries for a vacation, we promise you that you will not run out of activities to indulge in. After all, you are about to discover more about the Great Barrier Reef, Sky Diving, water rafting, and wine tasting – just take the leap of faith!Experiencing the Shotover Jet and spending your time dining at a valley, is a combination you won’t want to miss. In this article, you will be guided on 2 types of trips: a valley day trip in Melbourne and a Shotover jet ride in Queenstown.

The Yarra Valley: 

Wine, food, the landscape, the smell – there are a lot of things to feel in this place. This region is known for its cool climate and 70 wineries. If you are visiting for a day, it’s possible that you and your family will only visit 5-7 wineries, so try to maximize your time instead. Some travelling agencies will prepare a trail for you, but you can still build your own itinerary for this. Here are four wineries you might want to include:

Soumah: “Great wine is made in the vineyard.” Soumah is specially located in a place where there is a perfectly cool climate, and a wide land made up of ancient soils.

Their wines are inspired from Northern Italy and South Eastern France. The place is also designed like it, which makes it inviting compared to some local wineries. A glass of Vineyard Chardonnay and a cheese plate will make you feel well rested after a very long trip.

Domaine Chandon: Well known for their sparkling wine inspired from French traditions. But before you experience their winery, explore their large establishment first. You will find a lot of wines ready for purchase by the time you enter.  But aside from wines, Domain Chandon will inspire you to try their champagnes as well.

TarraWarra Estate: TarraWarra can offer you the best view as you reach their establishment on a hill. The place is purely green, making sure that their vineyards are well tended. They also have an art gallery indoors where they display breathtaking work of art by contemporary Australian artists.

Innocent Bystander: 3 words: Wine and Pizza. That’s what Innocent Bystander is good at serving. They also sample wines that will not cost much. Make sure you check their food menu as they prepare the best ones.

Most of these wineries collect $5 for winetasting, make sure you taste everything.

Shotover Jet

Got your flight ticket to Queenstown prepared? Shotover jet offers family packages so that you can save more dollars for food and activities. This amazing white water ride has been offering the best slide towards the narrow canyons. Their Shotover jet has been awarded and repeatedly visited by many tourists. And because of that, they are the only company permitted to control these rides at the canyons.

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