Friday 01 December 2023

From Garage Floor To Race Track Ready

If you’re just using your garage for storage or something basic, no need for the floor to look fancy. Good chances are, you’ll just be walking on it rather than admiring. However, if your garage is your prized workspace, and you put just as much effort into that space as you do the vehicles that inhabit it, you don’t want just any bare concrete. Consider investing in self adhesive floor tiles that make it look like you’re race track ready all the time. These tiles come in a variety of patterns and textures, but if you want something authentic, look for a pattern that adopts the classic black and white checkerboard design that will make it look like you live life in the fast lane.

Easy Installation

When you’re looking to replicate the racing world, once you have the tile decided, make sure it’s going to be easy to install. Self adhesive means that the tile comes on a peel and stick surface that you can just place onto the floor where you want it to go. You have to be careful, though, that you completely clear the working surface before starting. Make any repairs first if necessary. For clean, seamless installation, you need to be careful, precise and ready to be patient. Fortunately, most self stick floor tiles aren’t constructed with super glue, and you can easily move them if needed. Many of them are even custom fit to your specific space.

Not Just for Looks

Self adhesive floor tiles aren’t used just to beautify a garage space. They are also a vital tool in keeping the garage safe and clean. They hide cracks and stains and protect against concrete damage, as they act as a cushion between the foundation and anything you might drop onto it. The material is non-porous, so it’s almost like applying a sealant to your garage floor. Battery acid, oil, salt, antifreeze and other automobile substances are no match. Additionally, the tiles act as an insulator and noise-reducer to give you convenience while you’re working.

Safety First

Unfortunately, many accidents happen in the garage, but it helps if you have something to keep the floor, and those that come into contact with it, safe. Look for self stick floor tiles that contain no hazardous chemicals, lead or asbestos to make sure pets and small children can be in the garage without worrying about exposure to harmful substances. Because of its non-porous quality, spills can be easily contained and completely cleaned. The material used is often very durable and won’t chip or crack like other garage tile products, so it’s safe to walk, park and drive on.

Rev Your Engines

Whether you’re storing your antique car for its grand ride one day or you like to take care of it daily, your garage is its home and should be outfitted as such. If you’re ready to take your garage décor to the next level, decorative self adhesive floor tiles may be your answer. Efficient, eye-catching and reminiscent of days spent at the track, your garage can be transformed into the mini pit stop you’ve always wanted.