Wednesday 12 May 2021

Fun Activities for your Next Friday Family Night

We all want to bring a change to our “ Family schedules.” As a family, not many many of us eat dinner at the same table, together. Each one of us has different time schedules; we are running in circles with the job and home errands that it has been almost impossible to sit around and spend time with our kids together as a family. But in the middle of this confined agendas that life, demand from us, it is essential for a child’s upbringing. As a parent, you should make sure to include a Friday Fun Night, a family time where you spend quality time with the kids. Yes, it is very crucial for them since nights like these are what kids remember about their childhood.

If you are running out of ideas for fun activities to do in family nights, we have mentioned below a few of the top picks from kids favorite:

Camp out or may in?

A traditional idea of fun and bonding with a modern fun twist! Camping is all-the-time going to top the list Friday night family activities. Pitch a tent in your backyard- or maybe in your living room? Yes, Why not! In a cold night, you’ll get outside fun, right in your home. What about campfire? Well, you don’t want to give up your home to the flames? Try making some s’mores inside with. Throw pillows, as many you can, sleeping bags, lanterns, and scary stories, mix it with togetherness; there you got yourself a happy family retreat camp.

A bar for the kids- it’s TACO-TIME:

We bet your kids love taco. Fix up a bar where they can make their own tacos. With those ready-made taco shells, cut the veggies and put a topping of the bar table for the day, voila, the kitchen is set for the chiefs. You can give a delicious name to the recipe.

Not-so-boring Board games:

Board games are another obvious choice but a mandatory one. You can play like the oldies, any of classic board games, that you played as a kid. Or make new games with your kid playing a tournament of crazy Friday night family activity, serving snacks alongside. But remember, that should b strict non-boring zone otherwise, your kids would just won’t be interest and the whole point would face failure.  Don’t dare to lure them into a four-hour chess tournament, ok? Be creative. Try to put on the impression of your childhood onto this night.


To build a good relationship with your kid, it is important to know them. You would have to devote time and efforts into them. Know what they think about the world, read them stories, make them laugh, be a kid when you’re around them. All of this may seem mainstream but it is actually very crucial for their childhood. Crafting good memories should be the primary goal of your parenting. Find more trending creative ways here, to be closer to your kids and be a better parent.

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