Gain A Better Insight About Best Quality Poster Printer Paper

For many people, printing is a matter of just getting some images or text on to a paper to submit their project work or proposals. However, when it comes to the business needs of promotional poster printing or display boards, you need to be more knowledgeable and careful. The professionals may be knowing the in and out of printing and printer papers, but it is essential for the other service takers too to have a basic knowledge of best quality poster printer papers for your needs.

Printer Paper

It will not be a wonder if I say that the printing paper itself is as important as the quality of the printer machine and the printing mechanisms used. There are basically two types of papers we deal with; one is the everyday type printing papers (the usual A3 and A4 size pages you may be familiar with) and the other one is high quality professional sheets. The usual home and office printing paper is 70-gram common printing paper; however high-quality professional printing cannot be done on to this paper. For this purpose, you need high-grade poster printer paper.

Both the common printing paper and professional poster printer paper both comes in standards sizes as A4, A2, A5, and A3 etc. The weight of basic printing papers can vary from 70 g to 100 g or slightly higher for the hardcore printing purposes as done is printing presses. The weight of common card stock may go above 110 g.

You may have noted that the everyday printing papers are without any glossiness or smoothness. However, the high-grade poster printer paper has a smoother finish and allows sharper quality prints, especially the vector designs and graphical fonts. The glossy papers can be used on all types of printers as bubble jet, ink jet, and laser jet printers. Always make sure that you buy only good quality and branded papers, which ensure the best results. A branded poster printer paper will not allow to catch ink or leave smudges on paper, and also avoid showing the print visible on the backside.

Professional Poster Printer Paper

The professional printing papers can be segregated into various categories as;

Some basic concepts to keep in mind while choosing papers are;

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