Friday 10 September 2021

Gaining An Online Presence For Niche Businesses

Gaining An Online Presence For Niche Businesses

Is SEO dead? Many people still think that SEO is some sort of trick and it now seems more and more that there is no chance for gaining an online presence if you’re not a major company with millions to spend. But how do you go about getting noticed online if you don’t have millions to spend on SEO? Below are some tips to help your small business.

Gaining An Online Presence For Niche Businesses

1. Customer Behavior

Now more than ever it is all about customer behavior. The longer some stays on your site, the more interaction they have the better your rankings. Why is this? Because it shows Google that you are providing good, useful information and hence why people stay longer on your site rather than your competitor.

2. Social Media and Brand Mentions

Branding yourself is now more important then ever! Too many small business use exact match keywords as their domain name hoping for an SEO boost. While this may encourage CTR it does not help SEO. Google can now measure your brand name mentions throughout the web. If your website and business is not a brand but rather keywords then there’s no way for them to know that you’re being talked about online.

 3. Be Part of a Community

Make sure you’re a part of a community. This is one of the best ways to get your website talked about. Many industries like sex blogging or selling used panties have a hard time getting organic links, as the media don’t usually talk about it. Link sharing in a positive way actually helps your ranking. This doesn’t mean approaching everyone in your industry and asking for a link. An example of positive link exchange can be; if you are a used panty seller and write a good article about ‘how to sell your used panties online’ and ask other people in the used underwear industry to share it and link back to it. This is then seen as a community sharing good information rather than a link exchange.

There are many ways to generate an online presence. These are just a few tips that I hope has help.


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