Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy Note 5: The War Coming Soon

Nowadays, most of the people are using Smartphone, those people are expecting more about new release of Galaxy S6. This Samsung uses only advanced operating system in all of its new devices, so everyone expecting Samsung Smartphone. Now, the Samsung is about to be release the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5 coming soon with the most advanced apps and OS, with new specifications and the innovative features. Both are very popular as well as heavy competition with each other so all the top companies are decided to provide the high featured and specifications Smartphone so it would be easy to increase the mobile technology. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the superior anticipated Smartphone so the people more excited to know about the release date and price of the Galaxy S6. Every year the Samsung galaxy S gives successful result in the Smartphone market with huge expectations on galaxy s7 features. More Samsung fans are highly expecting these fantastic Smartphone.

Design Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S6 would have 5-inch Super OLED 4K resolution of 3D display but the Galaxy Note 5 would have 5.9 inches 4K SUPER AMOLED display, this galaxy Note 5 would have aluminum-finished edges with all metallic curved body. Both the Smartphone would have Shutter proof, waterproof and dustproof. Both the Samsung galaxy S6 and the galaxy Note 5() operating system is about Android 5.0.

Features And Specifications

The Galaxy S6 has 2GB/ 3G/ 4G LTE with a NFC, 16-core 64-bit processor with a 3 GHz and the Galaxy Note 5Exynos would be use 7-octa core processor at a 2.9 GHz. The Samsung Galaxy S6 would have 21 MP rear camera and 8MP front camera but the Galaxy Note 5 would have 18Mp camera and 5 MP front cameras. The Samsung galaxy S6 would have 4500-mAh Li-ion battery but the Galaxy Note 5 would have only 3900 mAh. The price for Samsung Galaxy S6 may be about $850 but the galaxy Note 5 may be about $1000. Therefore, more people expecting Samsung Galaxy S6. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5 would have 4GB random Access Memory and 64 GB internal storage. Both have Bluetooth 6.0, polyphonic and the musical ringtones, gestures, thermometer, humidity, barometer and fast mobile of data support 5G compatible. The launch date for Samsung galaxy S6 coming January 2015 and the launch date for Galaxy Note 5 is coming September 2015.

Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5?

From above given things, Samsung galaxy S6 would have more advanced features when compared to Galaxy Note 5 as well as with its design. Therefore, galaxy S6 will make a greatest place in the Smartphone market. It surely beat other companies with its advanced new features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to release after the release of Samsung galaxy S6 with advanced technology. The Samsung release these Smartphone with the affordable price so you do not worry about the price level. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will give more entertainment for every Smartphone user so you can enjoy more with this fantastic Smartphone.

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