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Gap Between Reading Books and New Generation Kids

Gap Between Reading Books and New Generation Kids

The desire of parents to grow a reading child is natural and understandable. Unfortunately, it happens that even in a reading family, children do not always like books. But this does not mean that nothing can be changed. Here are few tactics mentioned to minimize the distance between modern kids and reading books:

Read From Birth

Yes, the kid does not understand the words yet, but the poems that the mother reads tell the infant about her closeness. He is comforted by his mother’s voice, intonation. From the age of 10 months to one and a half years, the child’s vocabulary is formed. After all, he actively learns the world through all senses. However, do not exceed the active attention phase, which is not more than four minutes. Since two years the child perceives separate words and phrases as a narrative, and in three years he is not only a listener, but also an active interlocutor. At this time, he has a passion for re-reading (I’ll talk about it in more detail a little later). Do not read more than 20 minutes. This is the maximum that a child can sustain at this age.

Gap Between Reading Books and New Generation Kids

Make The Reading Game

Teaching the child to the book in early childhood, keep in mind that children will start reading if they perceive this process as a game. “Honora, you will become the most intelligent”, “You will write better compositions than when you grow up” – such arguments do not work. Think about the rules and conditions of the game. The guys love it.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Repetition

Do not get irritated and do not be surprised if the child has been asking you to read the same book for the night for several years. Simply, it represents psychological comfort for him. You also had such a book. If you read it now, you will return to the very state of comfort experienced in childhood. You may even want to introduce your child to this book, but there is no guarantee that it will be the same for him as it was for you. It’s all very individual. Typically, the daily reading of the same books ends at eight.

Learn Poetry

Literally from birth to eight years – the most optimal period! It practically does not take your time, because at this age learning is given to children easily. Already to the middle classes, if you did not develop this skill before, memorizing requires some effort.

Let The Literature Be Chosen By The Child

Allow the child to choose for reading those books that interest him. Every book is useful. Prose promotes the assimilation of speech skills, and poetry – develops a sense of rhythm. To the holes, the read book creates psychological comfort, and an unfamiliar book gives new knowledge. A fairy story enriches fantasy, and a realistic plot – life experience. A short story teaches a condensed narrative, and a long one trains memory. A child can give preference to something one. Some children like short stories, where there is a beginning, rather an early denouement and completion. Others do not see the point of getting acquainted with the hero of the short story, because they are not ready for a quick separation from him. They need to live with the hero for some considerable time.

Make An Adventure Book Purchase

This should be allocated at least one and a half hours, give the child a basket and let him put everything he wants into it. Acquaintance with the book can also be turned into a holiday. Look through the book in the cafe, put the child in a bath with foam and read the first pages. Reader’s rituals are very useful.

Pay Attention To The Format Of The Book

Unfortunately, even reading such an innocuous book as Peter Pan can deprive a child of a healthy sleep if the format of the book is incorrectly chosen. The poll conducted in Life Proof revealed that children reading from tablets, smartphones, laptops, and boo-rockers, sleep badly because gadgets suppress the production of a night hormone – melatonin. If you believe the research of 2013, the exceptions are only gadgets with an E-ink screen.

Create The Right Environment For The Child

If a child has at least one reading friend, the likelihood that he will be interested in reading is much higher. In 9-11 years, children have the first secrets from their parents. As a rule, there will be a craving for collecting. Invite your child (with a friend) to make an object of the collection your favorite books, books of one genre or author.

Read It Yourself

Absurdity, but unread parents want to be parents of reading children. At the same time, their children make unambiguous and sad conclusions for themselves: “Why should I read if my parents do not read and are successful? We have no library at home, but everyone says that we have a smart apartment. My parents have no time to read because they work a lot. But I’m always busy on mugs and sections, so I too have no time. “

Books That Teach A Child To Think Outside The Bbox

No matter how tired you are, keep a book in your hand for at least 15 minutes a day. Children should see an example. Ideal if your family had a tradition related to the book. I’m already an adult, but every weekend I go home to my parents to read theatre plays together. This is a wonderful pastime, originating in my childhood.

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Deana Johnson is an English teacher working in the United Kingdom. In this article, she explicates the method to build a bridge between reading and new generation. Moreover, she also works at Essay Writing Service to provide academic assistance for students.


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