Gear Up Your iOS App For M-Commerce With In App Messaging

As the mobile revolution has invaded the e-commerce space, mobile apps have become a necessity for every online seller. Having a good-looking and high- performance iOS app is a great idea for your business. But the investment would pay only if the app retains users, converts them, and makes them your brand loyalists. Hiring the best iPhone application development company is not enough. You need to look for innovative measures to interact with the users and keep them engaged to the app. User engagement is the key parameter of the success of any online business as it is directly linked with conversions. In-app messaging is one of the most effective tools to serve this purpose.

Understanding In-App Messaging

In-App messaging, as the name suggests, refers to the messages sent within the app when the customers are active on it. It appears like a pop-up window on the phone screen while the app is being used. An in-app message is a part of content marketing strategy, carrying a text, image, or a combination of both. These messages could be used for various other purposes such as onboarding the new users, introducing new app features, and driving promotional campaigns. It generally includes a call to action accompanied by a link that would take the customer to a destination where the action would be completed.

In-app messages may also be used to give virtual customer support wherein the app users are attended to. The iOS app developer creates a chatbot or virtual sales assistant to interact with the buyer and deliver a personalized shopping experience. The best part is that these messages have a human touch, even if they come from virtual sources. Chatbots are equipped with Artificial intelligence which enables them to understand the user behavior and preferences and converse accordingly.

Having this feature in your mobile app can add to its value as it can do various conversion-driving tasks such as:

These benefits make in-app messages a key ingredient of a business mobile app. For this reason, most sellers want to avail them as a part of iOS app development.

Applying The Right In-App Messaging Strategy

Though in-app messaging bring huge opportunities for an online business, yet it is not feasible to bombard the users with them. Following a definitive strategy will enable you to make the best of this feature. Here is the plan you need to follow:

Have A Clear Goal

Having a clear, well-defined goal is important to get desired results. Though customer engagement is the basic purpose of all in-app messages, it may be directed towards other goals like branding and promotion.

Get The Timing Right

It is important to send the in-app messages at the right time. For instance, a reminder message can be sent to trigger an action on an abandoned cart. Similarly, messages related to launch of new features, flash sales, and news updates are meant to drive time-bound actions by the users.

Work On User Segmentation

Segmenting the users on the basis of demographics, preferences, and behavior is another smart strategy to be applied for in-app messaging. It enables you to deliver user-specific messages for targeting the right group of users with a relevant message.

Automate The Messages

Once segmentation is dealt with, you have to employ automation technology to ensure the delivery of messages at the right time.

Create Good Content

Content is the soul of an in-app message as it can actually drive the user to deliver an action. You should, therefore, ensure that the content copy is clear but concise as well has actionable CTA to support it. It should also excel in terms of aesthetics, such as text, color, and formatting.

An online seller can use in-app messaging as a powerful tool for taking his business to the next level. In-app messaging is like the backbone of a successful multi-channel marketing plan for an online enterprise. A relevant message sent to the right user at the right time can win him over as a loyal customer.

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