Wednesday 08 March 2023

Generate Email Leads from Social Media Platforms

Generate Email Leads from Social Media Platforms

Email marketing, though old book concept, is still considered to be one of the most successful lead generating techniques. Your marketing actions should therefore include both social media and email marketing strategies. Here are some simple steps to generate leads in different social media platforms.

Leads From Pinterest :

  • Use Rich Pins: The rich pin feature can be used for improving the quality of your pins with the real time update of the website. For example, the rich pins may display the price of the product and the price gets automatically updated if there are changes in the price in your website. Click through rates can be increased with the help of this feature.
  • Connect With Audience: For generating the leads, you need to connect yourself with the audience. You may pin the links with the appealing content so that the audience gets connected with them. Lifestyle images like food, fashion and crafts can be used if they are relevant.
  • Exclusive Deals: You can create coupons and deals for your website and can provide them just in exchange of an email.

Leads From Instagram :

  • Arrange A Contest: People prefer sharing their photos through this visual platform. Now, if you can arrange a photo contest, you can easily generate huge number of leads for the email marketing purposes.
  • Post Quality Pictures: Instagram is a platform where you can share pictures. You need to make the most of it. You can post pictures of some upcoming events or can post the events which you have already hosted. When you are posting for the upcoming events, customers can reserve their seats through email. In this way, you can generate more leads. To know more about the process, you can take help from the professional experts of Instamacro.
  • Focus On Customers: You can engage your audience by various activities like sharing their pictures, tagging their updates and commenting on their products or brands, etc.
  • Geo Tags : The social media updates can be geotagged with the help of Instagram. With the help of the geotagging feature, the engagement can be promoted and you can expect more traffic which can be used for email marketing purposes.
  • Coupons And Deals : Everyone loves getting great offers and deals. When you are promoting the email-gated coupons , ensure that you are adding relevant images where the customers are enjoying by using your products.

Leads From Facebook :

  • Sweepstakes : Facebook contests and sweepstakes can be used for obtaining more leads for email marketing. Arrange the contests where you can interact with the prospective customers. Sweepstakes can also be spread to the friends of your fans for increasing the number of leads in the lead generation process.
  • Add Links To Email-gated pages: If there are email-gated content in the Facebook, you can definitely add links there. Besides, if you possess an e-book, webinar or a surprise deal, you can surely communicate with your fans.
  • Newsletter Sigh Up : A customized newsletter can easily be created and placed in the Facebook fan page. Therefore, your fans will easily get the newsletters from you and with them you can offer exclusive discounts or offers.

Therefore, social media can be considered as one of the simplest methods of gaining the leads for email marketing. Besides the email marketing, you can also maintain a relationship with your customers with these processes. You must possess sufficient knowledge about each of the social media platforms and their techniques. Lead generation can only become easy when you clearly understand the processes of each social media platforms.