Geometric Trends In Bathroom Renovations

Geometric design is rapidly increasing in popularity, due to its universality and effectiveness. Geometric patterns have become a major trend in the year 2015. Walls and floors, bathroom rugs, shower curtains, tubs, accessories and furniture with geometric design are a great idea if you’re considering a bathroom renovation. Choose the dominating colour, experiment with the patterns you like and create a contemporary, state-of-the art, geometric designed bathroom.

Bathroom Tiles

Tile manufacturers are constantly creating interesting tiles with geometric patterns. You can apply tiles that stand for themselves, or those that are arranged to create a bigger geometric pattern by the way they are installed.

If you desire stripe design, try combining tiles of different sizes and create a strong colour contrast (e.g. black, light-grey and cream). Do you have a small bathroom? Use vertical stripes on walls for creating an illusion of more space.

Patchwork design means mixed solids, stripes, gingham, floral and botanical. If your walls are already tiled with a solid colour, make a smaller patchwork that will look a painting.

Tiles with a botanical pattern resemble wallpaper, but are much better because they’re resistant to water and stains.

Strong geometry design indicates interesting 3D patterns that may play tricks on the eye. These patterns and forms are modern, and tiles with ovals, circles, lines and rectangles are gaining in popularity.

Bathtubs & Shower Curtains

Often bought classic oval tubs are replaced with rectangular ones. You can find diamond shaped bathtub, or one-of-a-kind tubs with a “broken” geometric design, which give a quite interesting, even futuristic appeal. A great idea is a trapeze-shaped freestanding bathtub which can really give a chic look to your bathroom. It’s the same with shower cabins. Hang up new curtains with intricate geometric patterns, intersecting shapes and outlines, to add a stylish, contemporary backdrop for your bath. Everything depends on the effect you wish to achieve.


What else can influence your bathroom’s geometry? Natural and artificial lights, their shape and location, of course. Properly positioned source of artificial light can greatly influence the geometry in bathrooms. Lamps in simple geometric shapes would do the trick, but also there are interesting lamps and chandeliers that can provide a somewhat extravagant look to your bathroom. The lighting made of geometric leaded glass or pendant light are perfect for this kind of design. Match window shape and framework color with prevailing geometric shapes and shades of your bathroom elements.

There are companies which employ professional interior designers who can help you with the geometric renovation of your bathroom. Geometric design is currently one of the most popular trends, but popularity is cyclical, so knowing all the past and current trends allows them to manipulate with the interior appeal better than anyone else. Oxford Bathrooms renovators, for instance, always aim to provide the best design according to your preferences. Interior designer knows that it is all about figuring which elements of the room should play a dominant role, and which are there to assist or accentuate them. Also, if you are on a tight budget, it is good to hire a professional for help with the right allocation of your available funds.

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