Wednesday 12 May 2021

Get a Premium Quality Direct Printing at Your Service

We are committed to help you to make the impression you desire to customers, vendors and any other target group. We have pulled together skilled staff and equipment to help your through the process of idea conception, design and professional production of printed pieces. We take care of all your direct printing needs.

The following are the direct printing services Print Direct for Less is bringing you:

Direct Mail Marketing like no other

We offer these services as a full package under the following basis; buying up front and capability to mail using small increments without any additional charges. You will want to send targeted mail using business profiles and filters or consumer profiles in order to mail to your target group only.

The targeted direct mail marketing package includes custom design, 12 pt. heavy glossy card stock, both sides color printing, address mailing services, targeted consumer and/or business mail list.

Make an impact with banners at an affordable cost

The reason why banners are classic and preferred in the signage industry is because of their ability to make an impact in an affordable way. While we offer traditional vinyl, you can always check in and explore all the banner options we have.

Premium digital printing services                                             

For digital products, we offer a quicker turnaround than other product lines. A minimum charge of $30 is applicable on all our digital products. With near Offset Press quality and quick turnaround, you will get value for your money. These services are designed for your urgent direct printing needs.

Get your business name and logo out there with T-shirt marketing

T-shirt marketing is one of the emerging marketing trends today. Businesses and individuals have come to the realization of how t-shirt marketing can improve name as well as brand recognition. Our t-shirt marketing pricing include 4-5 days turnaround, custom design, same prize for adults small XL sizes, same price for unisex and ladies fit as well as custom design.

If you are looking for a cheap way to get your business name as well as logo going around and getting views, t-shirt marketing is for you.

Printing products

Get your business cards, catalogs, door hangers, event tickets, every door direct mail, flyers, brochures, jumbo cards, notepads, pocket folders, postcards, posters and other several printing items done at an affordable price.

We have become experts in direct marketing and with your marketing items such as postcards, we can design and mail your campaign tools on your behalf and leave you to handle bigger things. Postcards can boost your campaign efforts and along with other campaign materials, they not only grab the attention of voters, but also elicit strong response.


At Print Direct for Less, we provide printing products and services that you would ever need, simply put, get all your printing needs taken care of “under one roof”.


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