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There are a number of verticals in a company that is handled by separate departments. The first thing that they do is install system software to carry out the functions. Such systems help in better customer support, better management of accounts of the company, inventory management, management of orders, etc. It is helpful in increasing the revenue and hence more profit. Some other activities that are handled by outsourced financial accounting services that use such software’s are ecommerce integration, recurring billing, and consolidation of finances. 

Without the use of such software, the company can have a poorly planned architecture that can result in inefficient production. Sales of the company also get hampered, thereby reducing potential customer base. Some challenges faced by organizations that use do not rely on automatic methods are:

  1. Wasted employee productivity: The employees face a lot of stress in handling a simple job without any kind of automation due to unorganized structure and improper planning.
  2. Lack of real-time visibility: The brand name of the company loses its visibility amongst customers because of the lack of proper collaboration amongst its employees which in turn results in loss of trust of customers in the organization.
  3. More complexity and cost: More human resources mean more payment in the form of salary. This increases the cost that the company bears and also increases the complexity in matters of production capacity.

Raw material is an essential part in the manufacturing process. Procurement of it requires proper planning to ensure that the end product is of high quality. In order to sustain the heavy competition, it is important to deliver high quality goods on time and in low cost. When there was no digitization, this was done by people of the organization by collaborating with each other to discuss various aspects in order to procure the right material. Due to increased number of people working on a similar project it was difficult to properly coordinate with each other in case of any changes or updations. Now that technology has introduced software’s that are more capable and efficient, by using outsourced financial planning, this problem can be avoided.

MRP (Material Resource Planning) is the planning done to reduce the level of inventory and carrying costs, maintain proper track of the material that is required, allocate time to the production activities and plan if any such resource is required in future. By using this system software production managers can obtain easy scheduling, planning and inventory required for manufacture of the product. MRP software is useful to manage orders related to purchase, creating a projection of the dates required for delivery of the products and tracking the requirements of inventory. 

All that it requires is the correct master-production schedule and an inventory that is up-to-date so that the end result that is generated is correct and useful. It can also help maintain a database of the materials that have been used already so that it can be reused if is still in stock. The only disadvantage of this is that it requires a high initial investment and enough time for planning of feeding the information in the system database so as to obtain the final result.

Incorrect billing or charging someone extra, especially in the case of medical services, can result in putting the doctor’s job in jeopardy and can result in the cancellation of their license. Hospitals generate their revenue from bills that shows the services rendered by them, which means that the money that a hospital makes solely depends upon the type and authenticity of its bills. Any incorrect information or malpractice can be negative in terms of finances and compliances of the hospital.

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