Wednesday 05 July 2023

Get Cheap Train Tickets To Enjoy Affordable Travel

The truth is that train fares have been increasing with each passing day and the pinch is already felt on everyone’s pockets, especially by those who tend to travel frequently. But still trains are preferred by the majority, since they are much affordable and faster when compared other forms of transport. Also, villages, towns, cities and metropolitans throughout the length and breadth of the country are connected to one another. This makes moving across the country much easier.

Get Cheap Train Tickets To Enjoy Affordable Travel

Simple tips to turn the expensive travel by train into something affordable

Basically, there are present two ways by which train tickets can be booked.

  • From the counter
  • Authorized ICRTC website

Both the options are better ideas to book tickets and keep the travel expenses to the minimum.

Doing the research

The IRCTC website is indeed the best place to start the search with, since it is site that has been authorized by Indian Railways and maintained by it. Here, the aspiring traveler can compared the trains plying to and fro on a specific route or on different routes, find out the fares on different tiers, check out seat availability and much more. Extensive and proper research in advance can help to enjoy having a comfortable journey.

Booking in advance

Gone are those days, when the train tickets used has fixed categories for all fares. But the recent introduction in changes of fares and flexibility has completely changed this aspect. It will be really useful to book the tickets in advance, at least by two to three months in advance. Besides getting low fare, the person can also get his choice of confirmed seat and not worry about RAC or waiting list tickets.

Some factors to consider

There are also various ways by which precious money can be saved when buying the ticket. Indian Railways has allowed certain perks for people of all categories. They can enjoy greater savings on their journey. Those who are on a hurry may have to shelve some extra money to book their Tatkal tickets. Some of the aspects to follow to save precious money are as follows:

  • Seniors (for men 60 and above; for women 58 and above)
  • Juniors (5 and below age)
  • Handicapped
  • Government employees
  • Those travelling with handicapped and sick people to be hospitalized
  • Military quota
  • Students travelling for government exams, etc.

Going through carefully the site details can help the person to stay well informed and to make the right decision.

Tiered tickets

There are different types of coaches that can be booked, according to the preference and budget. One can select 1st Class AC, 2 Tier AC, 3 Tier AC, Chair Car, Sleeper Berths or General Category for their travel. The rates of all the categories are likely to vary. The ICRTC site along with other associate sites can provide useful and precise information about the rates charged.

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