Get Strong and Durable Non Woven Bags For Reusable Purpose

There can be endless fabrics used in reusable bags but the type of stitching is what makes it special. There are two types of weaving that is used in preparing reusable bags –

Woven Bags

It is basically normal weaving, which is done in our daily used items like apparels, draperies, linen, hanker chiefs, towel etc. Two strings of threads are locked internally. Technically, in weaving, the machine gets the warp threads laid perpendicular and weft thread is moved over it. When this is done continuously with a machine, a long piece of cloth is prepared. Woven clothes are flexible and stronger. This characteristic makes it suitable for machine wash.

Non Woven Bags

By now, you must have calculated that non woven bags are those which are made by anything other than weaving. Yes, you’re right, they too are made of fibers but can be prepared chemically, thermally or mechanically. Non woven items are made by gluing fabrics with different chemicals and gum and then are pressed harder to compress.

These fabrics are equivalent to woven fabric but are inexpensive thus are used mostly in art and craft. There are many other purposes of non woven material in our daily life like, sanitary pads, carpets, cushioning items, diapers, car interiors and promotional bags etc.

Promotional bags are common these days as it helps in saving environment. Due to its cheap pricing, it is mostly used in tote bags. It might not be as tough as woven bags but it can manage to carry heavy items. You can get various kinds of bags that are environmentally free from Custom Earth Promos. It is a company that delivers eco friendly items which are made from plastic bottles and waste.  Simply go here to check their gallery for has exclusive products made from recycled waste.

Here are different sorts of non woven hand bags and their purpose –

The purpose of introducing non woven bags was to make utilization of it many ways. It is not only meant for grocery or shopping but, you can keep your dirty clothes in it, or carry some stuff for picnic. Even your kids can use fancy tote bags for project work and to keep their toys organized.

Non woven bags aren’t only economical and environmentally friendly but also durable.

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