Get The Most from Your Team With Cloud Software

Gone are the days when large enterprises used to manage their projects by downloading software programs to their servers. Cloud computing helps you access all the project management apps maintaining similar work standards virtually. Updating of Facebook Status, checking bank balance on a handheld device are examples of cloud computing. All the personal and physical activities we carry out today use cloud computing at the back end.

Many small to large businesses are relying on cloud computing to solve everyday work challenges. This means that the concept is becoming a popular trend. Interestingly, 90% of the UK businesses are using one cloud service minimum. Switching to a cloud platform such as SharePoint Online presents countless benefits to businesses in order to get the most out of their teams.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Technology

  1. Flexible and Easily Scalable

Cloud networks are perfect for businesses to meet their ever growing bandwidth requirements. Cloud solutions are scalable depending on the storage capacity you have opted for in the service plans. Similarly, you can also scale down if needed. This level of flexibility makes cloud computing a supreme work environment choice over a traditional work solution. SharePoint Online provides multiple plans that suit small to large enterprises.

  1. Provides Data Recovery & Loss

Disaster recovery services are important for businesses of all sizes. However, many small businesses do not have the budget to opt for such services. Cloud Desktop by helps such organizations to recover data in the event a natural disaster occurs. Besides small organizations, cloud-based backup and recovery solutions are also popular with large companies for their affordability and time saving ability.

  1. Upgrades Automatically

Unlike the conventional work systems, which require regular maintenance and software updates, networks based on cloud computing technology maintain and upgrade their software services and applications automatically. The updates including security services are handled by the service providers. This gives managers time to focus on important business details.

  1. Reduces Hardware Costs

The Virtual Cloud Desktop from helps to cut the hardware cost.  You can opt for a subscription-based pay as you go model. The easy setup and management further reduce hardware costs, encouraging SMBs to switch to a cloud network.

  1. Increase Cloud Collaboration

The cloud set up also helps teams to edit, share and access documents anytime from any location. Cloud applications help in making real time updates.

  1. Work Remotely

The virtual desktop makes it possible to work from anywhere. All cloud firms provide mobile apps, so you can access data using any handheld device. This gives a flexible working environment to employees, so they can maintain a work-life balance. A study concluded 42% of workers happily accepting a cut about 6% in their portion of pay to telecommute.

  1. Security

Stolen or lost laptops present a lot of problems for the businesses, due to the valuable information stored inside them. With cloud computing, you store all the data safely on a cloud server and can access it any time in the event of a mishap. In addition, you can also remove data from the hard disks preventing data abuse.

  1. Enhances Work Quality

Switching to cloud network, helps workers to manage and deliver work well within the required deadlines. This eventually increases the productivity and aids small firms to compete with the big names in their relevant industry. There are also various accounting, finance and payment integration tools in the market to manage the important tasks easily.

  1. Expert Support

Cloud solutions such as free cloud desktop and SharePoint Online etc., extend unlimited support for their cloud users. The 24/7 system monitoring, tracking and maintenance are also available for an immediate solution to any problem that may arise.

In short, switching to a cloud network facilitates both big and small business organizations to build a sustainable solution with minimum effort and workforce.

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