Gifting A Meaningful Bouquet Of Flowers

Flowers are a gift from nature to all of humankind. Their serenity and silent beauty can help express feelings in way that words never can. They can not only bring aesthetic beauty and life in our surroundings, but also have healing powers that can elevate ones mood and state of mind. They can grace any moment with love, joy and happiness, and thus are perfect gifts for any occasion.

Everyone gifts or receives flowers as gifts. Many people gift flowers to near and dear ones with some emotion attached to the git. Many even know that different flowers have different meanings based on their type and colour. For example, everyone knows that a red rose signifies love, and usually make a great romantic gift for a beloved, whereas, yellow roses signify friendships. However, not many know that other types of flowers have meanings too, and do not consider meanings while gifting flowers.

One can make every occasion or celebration joyous by gifting their loved ones flowers online. Bouquet delivery in India is a popular option and understanding the meaning of flowers can help with choosing the right flowers to say the right things!

Roses are very evocative flowers. Red roses stand for love, romance and passion, pink for admiration, gratitude and appreciation, white roses stand for new beginnings, remembrance and reverence and thus are perfect for quiet and sombre occasions as well as for marriages. Yellow roses signify good health, joy and friendship.  Roses are widely admired and appreciated for the varied emotions they represent.

Anthuriums signify hospitality, abundance and happiness and therefore they are widely used in hotels. But anthuriums add an element of welcome in a bouquet too.

These flowers look magnificent and symbolize abundance and anticipation. They add the element of drama to a bouquet.

Carnations make wonderful gifts for women as they signify innocence, beauty and pride.

Daisies stand for purity and loyalty and can express ones loyalty in a relationship.

The gladiolus flower is easily available flower that signifies honour, strength of character and faithfulness.

Lilies stand for virginity, sweetness and modesty and are good gifts for young girls, teenagers and daughters.

Gifting these flowers has become easier with online flower delivery in Mumbai. Available in a variety of bouquets, hand bouquets, and vases on the online flowers category lists, expressing feelings with flowers makes a great gift for loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, etc. for any kind of occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, weddings, promotions, graduations, etc.

A unique addition to a flowers gift would be to add a hand-written note about what the flowers in the bouquet signify and why the flowers were chosen for the receiver. This gesture will add more meaningfulness and make the flowers even more special.

Ordering flowers online is easy as pie for those in the country, as well as for those outside India who want to make their loved ones in India feel special.

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