Friday 09 December 2022

Girls and Guys Who Rock Glasses

In recent years, glasses have evolved from being the stereotypical accessory of a nerd to the must-have outfit finisher for the style conscious and trendy. If it’s good enough for Chuck Bass, then it’s good enough for us. We’ve rounded up our favourite famous guys and gals that rock a pair of frames like no other…

Ryan Gosling

Well we had to kick-start with the Gosling didn’t we? Sporting a pair of men’s designer glasses frames, and looking pretty fabulous in them. It might be time to persuade your boyfriend to invest in a pair of specs, then again, the outcome might not quite be the same (sorry guys)…

Girls and Guys Who Rock Glasses

Zooey Deschanel

Ahh Zooey, girls want to be her and boys want to date her. We’ve loved Zooey ever since she burst onto our screens in 500 days of summer and broke hearts everywhere. Zooey always looks super chic and feminine in a pair of chunky frames as one of our favourite characters, the loveable Jess in New Girl.

Girls and Guys Who Rock Glasses

Ed Westwick

It’s all about the Bass, bout the Bass…Our number one gossip girl crush rocks a pair of designer geek glasses on the regular and we aren’t complaining about it! This upper east-side gent couldn’t look better in a pair of thick rimmed frames. Stylish, slick and cool.

 Girls and Guys Who Rock Glasses

Katy Perry

Another one of our favourite American starlets, Katy Perry styling a pair of fun retro style glasses. We love this cat-eye frame style which purrfectly matches Katy’s cute and quirky style.

Girls and Guys Who Rock Glasses

Justin Timberlake

Often seen sporting the thick rectangular ‘geek’ style of glasses frames, Justin always manages to pull off the look just perfectly. Regularly teamed with a well fitted suited, JT is the male style icon of the decade, he just oozes effortless style and has the geek chic look down to a T.

Girls and Guys Who Rock Glasses

Anne Hathaway

The epitome of elegance, Anne opts for a pair of oversized rectangular frames, whilst still maintaining her ever-feminine, chic look.

Girls and Guys Who Rock Glasses

Still unsure on a pair of frames, or confused as to which of the many styles will fit your face the best? There’s an abundance of styles out there, which can often result in panic and buyers regret, so a bit of advice from us to help you along…

Oval shaped face? You have the pick of the bunch, as all styles of frames should suit your face shape!

Rounded shaped face? Opt for a rectangular style of frames and try to avoid anything oval shaped or too minimal.

Heart shaped face? A bottom heavy and/or thick frame will suit you best.

Diamond shaped face? A semi-rimless style will work wonders for you.

Square shaped face? Try out an oval shaped style of glasses frame.

Of course this is just a rough guide, but hopefully a helping hand in your next step to purchasing a new pair of designer glasses online. And why not be adventurous and try out a different coloured frame to your usual, it’s a great idea to have a couple of frame styles to switch up your look from day to evening. Just take Katy Perry’s fun cat-eye frames, glasses don’t have to be boring – geek is CHIC!