The war fought between 1914 and 1918 has far-reaching consequences with the unprecedented scale of the human slaughter. The U.S.A then under the presidency of Woodrow Wilson had no intention of being a part of the Great War, but with conflicts between Germany and USA over former quarantine attempt on the Isle of America’s trading partners, Britain. Then the torpedoing and subsequent of Lusitania, a British owned following liner killing 1198 of which 128 were Americans, and upon breaking bonds with Germany, the sinking of Housatonic by the German U boat, the attack on Pearl Harbour turned American public opinion irrevocable against Germany. Soon enough America entered the war with it is well-supplied forces, making their stalwart entrance a significant turning point and helped Allies win the war.

Following are the global effects of World War 1 :

World War I started it all, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, bitterness that contributed to World War II twenty-one years later, the Holocaust, The Great Depression, the Cold War, and the collapse of European colonialism everything is the impact of one or the other branch that has its roots set by The Great War.

Roughly 18 millions civilians and combatants deaths were reported after the end of the war with more than 24 million injured. Epidemic and diseases like the influenza breakout in 1918 spread throughout the countries which increased the death toll.

The Peace Treaty of Versailles caused hostility and resentment which paved the way for the World War II.

Colonialism and New Imperialism by Britain and France started spreading their deleterious scope seizing the German colonies and forming new territories in Africa and Asia.

Development in mass production during the warlike automobiles, airplanes, radios, etc. drastically changes the technology. The expansion in warfare and military like tanks, gas in World War 1 was the reason for the horrific massacre and bloodshed in the World War II.
European countries suffered massive inflation owing to the war debt, which also shifted the financial center from England to the USA.

Socialist ideologies spread far across Germany, Austrian Empire, Britain, France and had an impact of significant gravity on the whole of Europe. Many social customs were dropped off, and society became more liberal.

The war took 10-13 million people’s lives and with this horror and the reluctance of the government officials towards pursuing peace during the war resulted in citrusy, immense sense of loss and anger in parts of Europe.

So these were the prime causes and the significant impact of the Great War and how it shaped the world we live in today. If you want to educate your children on more about The American Revolution, The Great War, The Cold War, The World War II through interactional educative tools, you can opt for simulation activities, powerpoint presentations. These are available on a various online platform which will enhance their critical thinking and result in better absorption of the historical facts that are otherwise too complicated to remember.

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