Sunday 03 December 2023

Goa Seashores And Wildlife Sanctuaries: The Utopia For Nature-Lovers

Goa is a stunning state lying on India’s Western coastline. This state is pretty famous among nature-loving holiday makers. There are beaches which are terrifically beautiful and known for fun-filled activities. Not only this, even wildlife sanctuaries in Goa are full of exotic flora and fauna, and serene hills with attractive scenery and comfort to the nature-lovers heart.

Well, the real essence of Goa can be unravelled, provided you visit this place. You should plan a holiday under a suitable Goa package and book rooms in North Goa beach resort. You’ll, without a doubt, gather some delightful memories for your ephemeris.

Goa Seashores And Wildlife Sanctuaries: The Utopia For Nature-Lovers

Given below is a fleeting detail about this scenic state, which commonly is known as the ‘Pearl of Orient’.

Goa might be the smallest state in India, but when it comes to enthusiasm and versatility it doesn’t have any match. Encircled by the Arabian Sea to the North and South, it vouches for over 40 beaches which are nothing less hypnotic. The lush green Western Ghats in the east is known for wildlife.

Factually, Goa is very prosperous and was once owned by the Portuguese for more than 450 years. This is the reason why you as a tourist can see the great impact of Portuguese on their lifestyle, philosophies and even cuisines. You can explore all this while your stay in North Goa beach resort.

Did you know that there is about 125km seashore from North to South that is considered to be the lifeline of Goa tourism?  You read that right as there are numerous of tourist attractions apart from beaches. The best thing is that to go there and have a wonderful stayed provided you book your rooms in North Goa beach resort in advance. It is always advisable to book your rooms in advance as there are chances you won’t be getting rooms during the peak season.

Various recreational amenities even appeal backpackers from different parts of the world. However, the North side beaches are commercial and trendy while others are just known for the charming picturesque. One can see a wide array of lodging provisions, from deluxe to budget-friendly resort in North Goa, while beaches in the Southern area have limited number of high-end resorts.

Among the most widely known North Goan beaches including Anjuna, Baga, Calangute and Morjim are pretty famous among young generation as entertainment centres. You can even find shacks offering fresh seafood and drinks.

Apart from this, there are around three beautiful wildlife sanctuaries that you would love to explore.  You can see different species of animals, birds and reptiles. The Bhgawan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary is the most famous for species of foxes, wild boars, panthers and chambers. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary are other must-visit places.

If you wish to have a memorable experience during your visit to Goa, then don’t forget to book your rooms in North Goa beach resort for a relaxing stay.