Thursday 06 May 2021

Great And Efficient Tool To Reduce The Wastage Of Your Time

I am a professional photographer who earns the majority of my money through photography assignments and when I say that Movavi Photo Batch saves your time and makes your work easier, I mean it! I shoot in RAW and the basic file size for a 36MP image is anywhere between 40-50MB. Moreover the resolution is too big to be shared in a lot of medium like Facebook or Instagram which can be used for marketing or building your brand. Apart from that the clients today are all tech-savvy and want their photos to be shared in Facebook on the day of the wedding itself. Finally I cannot use the same image file for all utilities as one size will not fit everyone. They want edited good quality photos to be shared but those files are all in large bulky sizes. I used to mull over the task and then resize them and convert them to ordinary jpegs.

This it was a time consuming process and I could not afford to waste a lot of time in this simple task. I used some image editors but they did not have the batch conversion option which could considerably reduce my time. That is when I came across batch image resizer which has a lot of cool options and the user interface was also user friendly. With this application I was able to make bulk resizes as the pictures that needs to be posted on my client’s webpages and Facebook accounts did not require the high quality 36 MP images that my camera produces but it should have the same quality and clarity even in the lesser number of pixels. It was able to make bulk resizes without compromising on the quality. Secondly I wanted to rotate the photographs as changing the orientation of the image while taking the photograph makes it easier for composition of frames during the wedding in which I cannot waste time by thinking much about the picture.

Hence I shoot my images as I like during the wedding and reframe them as per the necessity of the album. The application had easier and cool cropping tool which works in a jiffy. It helps me to rename the photos in bulk, for a whole folder as I often get confused by mixing the photos from one wedding to the other. Now, I need not worry about that mismanagement of the images as I promptly change the name of all the images into the couples name so that I do not get mixed up with things. I can also control the resolution of the images as high resolution of 300dpi or above images are needed only for the print media while a meagre 72 to 100 dpi is enough for the digital media. This helps me to convert the images from one format to the other say from .jpg to .png or .bmp or any other format. In short this has made my life easier and helped me to earn more.


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