Great Choices When You Need A Car

Worldwide prospects for the rental car business are actually quite good, even in the face of a slight drop in activity in the past year. Positive growth in one area of the world is in the near future, as residents of New Zealand and Australia remain on home turf for their holidays. This is one of the most developed areas on the planet in terms of car-rental opportunities.

One study shows that the global rental market grew to more than $36 billion (measured in U.S. dollars), with more and more Australians and New Zealanders contributing to that growth by using individual cars as opposed to public transportation. One of the key factors driving industry expansion is the presence of quality websites that allow potential customers to browse, shop, and select.

Convenience Leads the Way

Customers can make their car reservations online and access their ride at an office located near the airport or in a metropolitan area. The availability of GPS navigation in the car, along with entertainment systems and reliable insurance, are other positive elements helping the car-rental field retain its economic health.

Leading suppliers of rental cars also recognise the need to expand options as small, medium, and large don’t seem to fit every individual who wants to get a car. There are still several excellent choices in small cars with even the least-expensive vehicle providing room for four or five plus some luggage, air-conditioning, and the option of GPS capability.

If you need a slightly larger vehicle, but still want to maintain outstanding gas mileage in a small car, you can get a compact vehicle with four doors. These have all the amenities you will need on your travels including a CD player, roadside-breakdown service, and GPS navigation as an option.

For the Group

When you work with one of the leading suppliers of vehicles for rent, you can also select a van that will carry eight passengers and a bit more luggage. With this vehicle, you get not only FM radio, breakdown assistance, GPS and Wi-Fi options, but you also get unlimited kilometres and valuable travel advice.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the wide range of rental vehicles now offered by the top companies in New Zealand and Australia. Four-wheel-drive vehicles, sometimes known as sport-utility vehicles, are also on the menu. They seat five and can carry several luggage items. Naturally, all the features and benefits mentioned earlier are also offered with this selection, in addition to the four-wheel-drive capability.

If you are considering car rental in New Zealand or Australia, you should make sure that you have two or three key items in order before heading out on the road. If you are not from NZ, take a look at the AA Visiting Driver Training programme well before you leave. A certificate of completion can be printed and presented.

Some firms now offer a bonus towards add-ons when you pick up your vehicle. When you are renting a vehicle for holiday or business, be sure to work with an experienced and dedicated company that will have your best interests in mind.

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